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London City Airport welcomes passengers with reduced mobility or special requirements and recognises that every passenger with reduced mobility (PRM) has varying individual needs and preferences. London City Airport will where possible, accommodate and meet the need of each individual passenger requesting assistance. The airport engage in monthly meetings with both our service provider and airlines to review our service including remedial actions where needed to ensure a complete/satisfactory experience to our passengers. To view our delivery targets and monitoring processes click here.

PRM “Passenger with Reduce Mobility”

A person with reduced mobility (PRM) is understood to mean any person whose mobility is reduced due to a physical incapacity (sensory or movement restriction), an intellectual deficiency, age, illness or any other cause of disability when using transport and whose situation needs special attention and the adaptation to the person’s needs of services made available to all other passengers.


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There are dedicated disabled car parking spaces within the Short Stay car park close to the Terminal.

Rates for badge holders:

0 -30  Minutes £4
30 mins - 1 hrs £9   
1 - 2 hrs £13     
2 - 4 hrs £16     
4 - 8 hrs £18     
8 - 12 hrs £35     
12 - 24 hrs £45       
Each additional 24 hrs or part thereof £45

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First aid and medical assistance

First Aid facilities are available during Terminal opening hours. The First Aid room is located adjacent to the toilets on the Terminal concourse. For assistance please contact the Customer Services team on +44 (0)20 7646 0092 or 

The London Ambulance Service and an NHS hospital (Newham General Hospital) are located close to the airport and a doctor is on call. Some airlines have special arrangements for medical care for passengers. Please ask your airline for further information.

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Assistance available

London City Airport to assist passengers with reduced mobility with the following service free of charge for Arrival/Departure points:

  • Assistance to points of onward travel (taxi &DLR).
  • Check-in desk/information desk.
  • Assistance from designated points on arrival including car park, drop area and departure. lounge and landside to the gate.
  • Assistance to access welfare facilities.
  • Assistance to the departure gate.
  • Assistance with check-in and screening procedures.
  • Assistance with baggage retrieval.
  • Assistance for boarding and disembarkation.
  • Assistance with customs and immigration procedures.
  • Assistance to connecting flights when in transit, with assistance on air and landside as needed.
  • Assistance to public transport Dockland Light Railway “DLR” Platform.
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Arranging assistance

In order to assist with the provision of PRM services, passengers requiring assistance are requested to notify their airline of their requirements prior to travelling and preferably when booking the flight. Airlines are required to give 48 hours advance notice to the airport  to ensure service delivery.

If a passenger requiring assistance does not notify the airline 48 hours in advance of assistance needed or if no notification is received by the airport in advance of departure time of the flight, we will make all reasonable efforts to provide the passenger with a quality service in relation to their specific needs.

Passengers can also contact the airport switchboard on +44 (0)20 7646 0000 to order to make arrangements. However, where possible all special requirements should be booked via the airlines to ensure all details of specific requirement, type of request, medical conditions etc” are provided to the airline.

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Accompanying persons

Where a disabled person or person with reduced mobility is assisted by an accompanying person, this person must, if requested, be allowed to provide the necessary assistance in the airport and with the embarking and disembarking.

Ground handling of all necessary mobility equipment, including equipment such as electric wheelchairs is subject to advance warning of 48 hours and to possible limitations of space on board the aircraft. All equipment is also subject to the application of relevant legislation concerning dangerous goods (DG).

The communication should contain the following minimum information:

  • Name of the passenger.
  • Date of departure/arrival and flight number and destination.
  • Telephone number / e-mail address of the PRM.
  • Specific requirement “deaf, blind, wheelchair bound”.
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Passengers will have the use of their own mobility equipment, as appropriate, to the aircraft steps. Mobility “Wheelchair” equipment will be made available to passengers as soon as possible on arrival at the airport arrival point (landside/airside).

All equipment used to assist passengers with reduced mobility at the airport will be compliant in line with recommendations of both the CAA& EC regulations.

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Handling aids

The airport employs appropriate handling aids, where possible, to facilitate the boarding and disembarking of aircraft. We will assist passengers with wheelchairs both landside/airside and uses S-Max Aviation Aircraft Stair climber to transport passengers up to the aircraft.

Where the aircraft cannot be serviced by this device, other appropriate handling aids will be utilised where possible.

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Staff training & training records

In accordance with EC 1107/2006 and ECAC Doc 30, staff providing assistance to Passengers, and staff in direct contact with the travelling public, will be provided with appropriate training including disability awareness and disability-equality training. London City Airport also provide first aid training to all of its PRM agents. LCA service provider’s conduct refresher training annually for staff that provide assistance to passengers. This is to ensure standards are maintained.

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Complaints and feedback

Passenger feedback should be made to the airport in writing via our dedicated PRM comment card, or on this website here.

In the case of a complaint being made, the airport team will send acknowledgement of the complaint to the complainant within 48 hours “Monday to Friday”. A thorough investigation will follow within the next 5 days and will be fully responded to within 10 working days.

UK Civil Aviation Authority feedback

Passengers also have the option to provide their feedback to the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The CAA's online feedback survey can be found here. 


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