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@LondonCityAir tweeted:
@LiamFassam It's a bit grey over LCY at the moment isn't it?!
@LondonCityAir tweeted:
You can fly to Jersey from LCY with @BlueIslands on one of their 14 flights a week. Book now
@LondonCityAir tweeted:
Did you #guesstheplace it was Rome! @Alitalia fly from LCY once a day, book now
@LondonCityAir tweeted:
Good morning from LCY, let us know if you're flying off for the bank holiday weekend! #FridayFeeling
@LondonCityAir tweeted:
@starryblackness Excellent we'll pass this on, did you happen to catch her name? Or could you let us know roughly the time you were there?
@LondonCityAir tweeted:
@stevemalaga Have a great flight!
@LondonCityAir tweeted:
@perevod1 Give BA a call on 0844 493 0787
@LondonCityAir tweeted:
@perevod1 unfortunately no keys handed in, we'll let you know if they turn up.
@LondonCityAir tweeted:
@Blueminiman We apologise for the poor experience with us and ask you to bear with us whilst we work to improve.
@LondonCityAir tweeted:
@Blueminiman Sorry to read this, we are working on bringing you more space with 600+ new seats coming soon.
@LondonCityAir tweeted:
@perevod1 We'll check with the team
@LondonCityAir tweeted:
RT @Labbetts: I spotted the apocalyptic cloud whilst landing at @LondonCityAir last night #Heathrow #lightning @standardnews…
@LondonCityAir tweeted:
@Labbetts Wow what a shot!
@LondonCityAir tweeted:
@wm86 Excellent news!
@LondonCityAir tweeted:
@lucyrawsome OK, anything else whilst we're here?
@LondonCityAir tweeted:
@lucyrawsome Don't worry we won't tell @HeathrowAirport! We'll see what we can do about those Eastern European cities..
@LondonCityAir tweeted:
Discover more than just Edinburgh castle with our guide to the #hiddengems in Edinbugh
@LondonCityAir tweeted:
@celestialcow We'll certainly pass this on, if you'd like to give us more info please email on
@LondonCityAir tweeted:
@youngram83 you only need to be at the airport 20mins before your flight. (2/2)

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