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Education Programmes

London City Airport encourages local people to strive for Education Excellence to aid them into employment.



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Primary education programmes:

Programme: Primary tours

Age: Reception (age 4 to 5) – Year 6 (10 to 11)

Local primary school classes are invited to take part in an interactive educational tour of the airport. Staff and students will have the opportunity to witness terminal operations and see the range of different services available landside. To round the visit off, staff and students are taken to a landside viewing area where they will see aircraft take-offs and landings. Occasionally, there may be the opportunity to listen in on the conversation between Air Traffic Control and the aircraft pilot. Students will also complete a booklet as they move around the tour, which can be downloaded below.

Click here to download Key Stage 1 booklet

Click here to download Key Stage 2 booklet

For more information: email Claire Davey  (contact details can be found on the right).

Programme: Your Royal Docks

Age: Year 3 - Year 6 pupils

About the programme: A teaching resource available for KS2 teachers to use towards building a history module for their class. The pack focuses on the history of the Royal Docks, including the crucial role it played in connecting London to the world in the 19th & early 20th Centuries, life and work in the Victorian Royal Docks and during WW2, and the deindustrialisation of the area. It also gets the students thinking about change and regeneration going on now and into the future.

Download here: http://www.londoncityairport.com

For information: email Claire Davey (contact details can be found on the right).

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College education programmes:

Programme: Work Experience

About the programme: Designed to give local students the opportunity to come to the airport to strengthen their employment and education skills which should improve their chances of gaining employment in the future, whether in the aviation industry or elsewhere. This is a five day placement which runs throughout the months of March and November.

More information on work experience at London City Airport can be found by clicking here.

Age: 16+

For information: email Anthony Angol  (contact details can be found on the right).


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Higher and adult education:

Programme: University visits

About the programme: We design bespoke visits for groups of University students studying subjects relevant to the airport. During the visit, groups will receive a talk from a senior member of management and will also be given the opportunity to ask airport staff questions.

Age: 18+

For information: email Anthony Angol or Claire Davey  (contact details can be found on the right).

Programme: Community Internship

About the programme: Each summer, the airport sponsors a local university student or graduate to undertake an internship at a nearby charity or small business which needs extra support.

Age: 18+

For information: email Claire Davey (contact details can be found on the right).

Programme: Commercial Team Internship

About the programme: An internship programme where we work with local universities to source good quality local students who can provide support for a variety of departments within the airports Commercial Team.

Age: 18+

For Information: email Anthony Angol (contact details can be found on the right).

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Local employment:

Programme: Take Off Into Work

About the programme: London City Airport was honoured with the prestigious Lord Mayor’s Dragon Award in recognition of the Airport’s significant contribution and commitment to the economic regeneration of London. A programme designed to offer tailored employment support to the airport and its onsite business partners. The programme is designed to up-skill local Newham residents so that they are better prepared to enter the world of work. Since March 2009, the Airport has supported over 400 people into work.

Age: 18+ Newham Residents only

For information: email Anthony Angol (contact details can be found on the right) or Sandra Jurkute on

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Careers fairs:

Programme: Careers Fairs

About the Programme: The CSR team supports local employment initiatives in a number of ways and regularly exhibit at careers fairs in the local area. Attending these types of events is a fantastic way to meet people who have aspirations to work at the airport and provides great opportunities for local people to get a better understanding of the skills and qualities you might need to work in different roles at London City Airport.

Age: Various

For information: email Anthony Angol (contact details can be found on the right).


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Secondary education programmes:

Programme: Innovation Workshop

About the programme: A one hour Innovation workshop based on the work of the airports Continuous Improvement team. This workshop will provide students with a variety of challenging real life scenarios to test their ability to work as part of a team to come up with innovative solutions. It will also introduce students to the solutions they hope to implement.

Age: A level

For information: email Claire Davey  (contact details can be found on the right).

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