Environment Action Plans

Air Quality Action Plan

Although airport operations contribute only a small amount to local pollutant concentrations, London City Airport is committed to minimising any negative environmental impacts, and is working to reduce its own emissions, and encouraging the airlines and other companies to do the same.  

To drive this forward, London City Airport has published an Air Quality Action Plan that sets out a range of measures to be implemented up until 2015. These measures aim to reduce emissions from:

  • Aircraft operations
  • Ground-based aircraft support equipment 
  • Airside vehicles
  • Black cabs (taxis)

A copy of the Action Plan can be downloaded below.


LCY Air Quality Action Plan 

To view London City Airports carbon management policy, please click here.

Biodiversity Strategy

London City Airport (LCY) carefully manages biodiversity in and around the airport site in order to protect the safety of flight operations. LCY is committed to supporting the wider protection, enhancement and understanding of biodiversity as an important aspect of its overarching commitment to sustainability. This Strategy outlines LCY’s approach to achieving this.

Accordingly, the main objective of the Airport Biodiversity Strategy is: ‘To help promote awareness of biodiversity issues by LCY staff, local residents and school children’. 

A copy of the Biodiversity Strategy can be downloaded below. 


LCY Biodiversity stragtegy

The Sustainability Strategy and Airport Sustainability Action Plan

To support the ongoing sustainable operation and development of the airport, London City Airport has developed, in partnership with the Local Authority, a Sustainability Strategy and Action Plan. 

LCY’s overarching sustainability vision is to be a responsible airport operator by minimizing our impact on the environment and surrounding communities, whilst supporting economic growth for London and the South East. We will strive for an honest and transparent approach to sustainability reporting developing actions to deliver genuine and long-term environmental improvements.

The Sustainability strategy includes waste production, energy and emissions, water resources, sustainable transport, biodiversity, noise, local air quality, community benefits, sustainable construction and environmental management.

A copy of the Sustainability Strategy and Airport Sustainability Action Plan can be downloaded below. 


Sustainability Stratergy and Action Plan 

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