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Security & Baggage

London City Airport is committed to processing passengers as quickly as possible. Passengers are advised to allow additional time for security processing, particularly during peak times. We appreciate your understanding.

All airlines have now banned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones, passengers are not permitted to travel onboard with these devices.

Baggage rules vary between airlines and the type of ticket purchased. You are advised to check baggage rules with your airline before arriving at London City Airport. Click here for airline contact details.

Be prepared, travelling through Security...

To save time, we advise you to place only valuables and items required for the flight in your hand baggage. 

Hand baggage size

Passengers traveling from London City Airport with hand baggage should ensure that their luggage size is acceptable with their airlines. 

Collecting your Belongings

Hand baggage information

Electronic devices

In line with new UK Government requirements, passengers on some routes into and out of the UK may be required to show that electronic devices in their hand luggage are powered up or face not being allowed to bring the device onto the aircraft. Passengers flying into or out of the UK are therefore advised to make sure electronic devices being carried in their hand luggage are charged before they travel. For more information click here.

Items that resemble prohibited items

Any items that resemble prohibited items will not be permitted; these include but are not exclusive to toy guns, replica and imitation firearms or perfume or aftershave bottles that resemble grenades or other firearms or weapons.

Restricted fragrance (this is not an exhaustive list):

Liquids in hand baggage


Government authorities in many countries have now defined restrictions on the type and quantity of liquids that may be carried in hand baggage through an airport, or on flights arriving at, or departing from their country.

There will still be exceptions to the 100ml restrictions for medical and dietary liquids (including baby food), however the previous rule where the adult accompanying the child has to taste a percentage of the baby food is no longer required. 

Following changes to regulation all above categories of liquids (duty free in security tamper-evident bags, Medical and dietary liquids (including baby food) will however need to go through additional screening after passing through the x-ray by means of testing.

Please note that if a liquid has caused an activation after passing through the additional screening equipment and the security officer has not been able to resolve it, this may result in the liquid not being permitted through Security.

The current rules concerning ALL liquids 100ml or less still remain and will need to be presented in a single, 1 litre clear, transparent bag that can be sealed. Only one liquid bag per passenger is allowed. For information please click here.

The European Union (EU) Liquid Policy

The European Union agreed a new policy to protect air travellers against the current security threat.

The EU rules on liquids apply to all air passengers travelling from any EU airport, including UK airports, as well those travelling from Albania, Kosovo, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Switzerland and Ukraine, regardless of their destination. The changes became effective on 6 November 2006. Limited quantities of liquids, gels or pastes must be held in individual containers not exceeding 100ml (approximately 3.5 fl. oz). These may include:

The containers must be carried in a separate clear plastic bag that does not exceed 20cm x 20cm (8 inches x 8 inches) or equivalent to one litre (1.75 pint) capacity.

Items must fit in the bag comfortably and the bag must be completely closed. At the airport security search, the plastic bag must be removed from the cabin bag so it can be x-ray screened separately.

You will also need to remove any large electrical items, laptops, and ipads as these will be screened separately.

This list below has been taken from the Department for Transport website. It outlines which items are prohibited in the cabin or hold of the aircraft. Some items are prohibited by the London City Airports Security Management Team in accordance with other UK Airports. Please note that this list is non-exhaustive. 

Items purchased at another airport (earlier in your journey)

All duty free liquids aerosols and gels purchased within any airport or on board an aircraft as part of an earlier flight may now be carried as hand baggage. These items are required to be sealed inside a security tamper-evident bag at the time of purchase with the receipt for proof of purchase inside the bag. 

Dangerous goods overview


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Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment                                Allowed in 
hand baggage? 
Allowed in 
hold baggage?
Sports parachute YES YES
Bat or sports stick NO YES
Tennis racketsYESYES
Snooker, Pool or billiard cue NO YES
Golf clubs NO YES
Darts NO YES
Walking/hiking poles NO YES
Ice skates NO YES
Skateboards and scootersYESYES
Fishing rods NO YES
Catapult NO YES
Firearms (including replica firearms) NO Check with airline before your travel
Harpoon or spear gun NO YES
Crossbow NO YES
Martial arts equipment, including knuckledusters, clubs, coshes, rice flails and nun-chucks. NO YES
Diving equipment (note that oxygen cylinders for diving are not allowed in hold or hand baggage) YES YES
Avalanche rescue back pack YES YES

* This is a London City Airport Rule in line with most UK Airports. This list is not exhaustive.

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Ammunition                                Allowed in 
hand baggage?
Allowed in 
hold baggage?
Guns or firearms of any kind (includes air 
rifles, starting pistols etc.)
Blasting caps NO NO
Detonators and fuses NO NO
Replica or imitation explosive devices, 
including replica and model guns
Mines, grenades and other explosive 
military stores
Fireworks and other pyrotechnics NO NO
Smoke canisters NO NO
Smoke cartridges NO NO
Dynamite NO NO
Gunpowder NO NO
Plastic explosive, including black powder 
and percussion caps
Flares in any form NO NO
Hand grenades NO NO
Gun cigarette lighters NO NO

* This is a London City Airport Rule in line with most UK Airports.This list is not exhaustive.

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Chemicals and Toxic Substances


Chemicals and Toxic Substances                Allowed in 
hand baggage?
Allowed in 
hold baggage?
Oxidisers and organic peroxides, 
including bleach and car body repair kits
Acids and alkalis 
(spillable 'wet' batteries etc.)
Corrosives or bleaching agents, including 
mercury and chlorine
Vehicle batteries and vehicle fuel systems NO NO
Defensive/disabling sprays including mace, 
pepper spray and tear gas
Radioactive materials, including medicinal 
or commercial isotopes
Poisons and toxic substances, 
including rat poison
Infectious substances or biological hazards 
(infected blood, bacteria, viruses etc.)
Material that could spontaneously ignite 
or combust (burst into flames)
Fire extinguishers NO NO

* This is a London City Airport Rule in line with most UK Airports. This list is not exhaustive.

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Baby Food and Baby Milk


Baby Food and Baby Milk
Allowed in 
hand baggage?
Allowed in 
hold baggage?
Expressed breast milk, formula  milk or cow's milkYESYES
Expressed breast Milk - please see footnote *** below
Formula milk or cow's milk - only if baby is  travelling with the parent.
Powdered milkYESYES

(With no restriction with the amount that can be carried)

Sterilised waterYESYES
(but must be in a baby's bottle)
Soya milk for babiesYESYES
Baby food of various consistenciesYESYES
Yogurts YES**YES
Liquid juicesNOYES
Cooling Gel Packs & Frozen Ice PacksYES, if an infant is presentYES

* You are allowed to take enough baby food or milk for the journey in your cabin baggage. In some cases this may be over 100ml. 

**Yes, but only if the product is under 100ml.

*** Expressed breast milk is permitted to be carried in unlimited quantities as long as it is presented in individual containers that do not exceed two litres per container, the infant no longer needs to be present. Milk which has been frozen is NOT permitted: only expressed breast milk in its liquid form will be allowed and will be subject to LEDS tested.

This list is not exhaustive.


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Medication & Medical Equipment Items


Medication and 
Medical Equipment Items                                 
Allowed in 
hand baggage?
Allowed in 
hold baggage?
Cooling gel packs & frozen ice packs YES (there should be documentary evidence to confirm the need to keep the liquid cool, if medicinal product YES
Medical equipment 
(CPAP and TENS machines, etc.)
Tablets and capsules YES YES

(There is no restriction on the number of tablets or capsules you can carry)

Essential liquid medicines YES YES
Hypodermic syringes YES YES
Inhalers YES* YES
Oxygen cylinders YES NO
(but always check with your airline first)

* This is a London City Airport Rule in line with most UK  Airports. Medication in a liquid form carried in a container that exceeds 100ml is permitted as hand baggage but must be supported by a prescription or documentation from a medical practioner.

This list is not exhaustive.

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Work Tools


Work Tools                                   Allowed in 
hand baggage?
Allowed in 
hold baggage?
Tool with a blade or shaft longer than 
6cm* (chisel etc.)
Drill and drill bits NO YES
Stanley knife NO YES
Saw (includes portable power saw) NO YES
Screwdriver NO YES
Hammer NO YES
Pliers NO YES
Wrench or spanner NO YES
Bolt gun or nail gun NO YES
Crowbar NO YES
Blowtorch NO YES

* This is a London City Airport Rule in line with most UK Airports. This list is not exhaustive.

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Personal Items


Personal Items                                  Allowed in 
hand baggage?
Allowed in 
hold baggage?
Travel ironYESYES
Travel kettleYESYES
Christmas crackersNOSEE NOTES BELOW**
Ink or toner cartridgesNONO
Knife(with a sharp or pointed 
blade and/or a blade longer 
than 6cm*)
Small scissors (with blades 
no longer than 6cm*)
Large scissors (with blades 
longer than 6cm*)
Round-ended/blunt scissors 
(of any length)
Cigar Cutters (with blade under 6cm)YESYES
Fixed-cartridge razor blade 
(disposable razor)
Nail clippers/nail fileYESYES
Knitting needlesYESYES
Sewing needlesYESYES
Walking stick/cane,
walking aid
Camera tripodYESYES
PushchairYES (Will be subject to additional security checks)YES
Safety matchesYESYES
'Strike anywhere' matches
(non-safety matches)
Inflated,air filled sports balls 
(eg rugby and footballs)
Fireworks, flares and other
pyrotechnics, including party
poppers and toy caps
Cigarette lighterYESNO
(But you may carry a 
single lighter on your 
person. Only one is allowed)
Contact lens solutionYESYES
(but no more than 100ml)

* This is a London City Airport Rule in line with most UK Airports
** British Airways allow Christmas Crackers to be checked in providing they meet the following restrictions; maximum two boxes per pers, the crackers must be commercially manufactured, the crackers muct be for personal use only and homemade crackers are not permitted.
**Lufthansa, Luxair, CityJet and Alitalia do not permitt Christmas crackers within hold luggage.
** Swiss accepts Christmas crackers within the hold with no restriction on quantity, but if checked in passengers may have to pay excess if over their allowed number of pieces. Crackers must be boxed and sealed with original wrapper intact.
**Blue Islands and Flybe allow a maximum of 12 crackers, they must be boxed and sealed in orginal wrapping.
**NO airline accepts homemade crackers or party poppers.

This list is not exhaustive.

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Ski Equipment


Ski and Snowboard items are included in the baggage allowance, with a maximum of 20 Kgs. per item.  Additional items will be at extra cost. Ulisse, Freccia Alata and Freccia Alata Plus Clubs members have free transport of sport equipment bags on Alitalia flights).

Alitalia advise all passengers travelling with sports equipment to contact the call centre to arrange the booking and check-in procedure.

Further baggage allowance information and costs for Alitalia can be found by clicking here.


Cityjet passenger's baggage allowance depends on the type of ticket purchased. 

For more information on Cityjet's baggage allowance click here.

British Airways

There is no additional allowance for sporting equipment, but it can be carried free of charge as part of your free checked baggage allowance. If the total number of bags is more than your free checked allowance, you will need to pay extra bag charges.

Find out more about carrying extra bags and overweight baggage charges

British Airways will accept ski and snowboard equipment up to 190cm (75in) in length provided it is packed correctly.

Preparing skis and snowboards for travel:

  • Skis and snowboards must be packed in a recognised ski or snowboard bag
  • If you are travelling with skis and ski boots you should pack them in one of the following ways :
    • pack your skis and ski boots separately*
    • pack your ski boots within your ski bag*
    • pack your ski boots within your checked baggage 

*Remember each bag that exceeds your free baggage allowance will incur an extra bag fee.

Additional information on British Airway’s baggage allowance can be found by clicking here.


Because of limited capacities and differing rules on Lufthansa's partner airlines, they cannot guarantee when you book that your ski baggage will be accepted in every case. Please note that you need to register sports baggage under the reservation hotline preferably within 24 hours before departure, irrespective of whether your ski bags are within your free baggage allowance or will be checked in as excess baggage.

If you are taking your ski bags with you as excess baggage, please pay the required flat fee directly at the Lufthansa counter at the airport.

If you exceed the free baggage allowance Lufthansa’s excess baggage tariff applies.

For more information taking ski equipment on Lufthansa flights click here.


Swiss will transport your sports equipment subject to no extra charge, provided that you do not exceed your baggage allowance. You will only be charged extra fees if you want to transport more items of luggage than those included in your allowance, or if your luggage is heavier or larger than the standard allowance.

For further advice from SWISS click here.

It is advisable to check for up to date information with your ailine.

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Travelling with Pets

If you are travelling with British Airways pet transport is not possible at London City Airport. Only guide dogs (for visually impaired passengers) would be allowed to travel. For more information click here. All other airlines accept dogs regardless of them being guide dogs or not.
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Cooling Gel Packs & Frozen Ice Packs

Cooling gel packs and frozen ice packs required to cool liquids required for a medical or a special dietary purpose do not have to be in a 1 litre plastic bag and are permitted in sufficient quantities for the trip. There should be documentary evidence to confirm the need to keep the liquid cool either on the label of the medication or in the form of a letter from a medical practitioner or medical company.

Cooling gel packs and frozen ice packs are allowed in hand luggage when used to cool infant food and drink if an infant is present.

Using ice packs for any other reason is not permitted.

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Body Scanner

In accordance with DfT regulations, body scanners are in use in LCY security search areas and are used to screen passengers and staff. 

The scanners are the latest in security screening technology, scanning passengers quickly, easily and unobtrusively. The scan, which takes a matter of seconds, displays a generic mannequin figure with no distinguishing features.

To find out more information click here.

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Due to safety concerns, hoverboards are not permitted in hand luggage or hold luggage when travelling through London City Airport.  The airport has introduced a blanket ban following an investigation by Trading Standards, which found 88% of hoverboards tested were faulty.  Passengers are advised not to travel with hoverboards – any hoverboards found in hand or hold luggage will be confiscated.


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