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Sound Insulation Scheme

Since 2009 London City Airport operates a well-established Sound Insulation Scheme. The Scheme works in conjunction with annually published noise contours to manage noise levels within homes and public buildings for the comfort of local residents.

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What treatment is offered?

A range of treatments are offered dependant on the location of your property within the noise shown below (for illustrative purposes only).

Those within the 57 dB LAeq, 16h summer noise contour, also known as the First Tier Boundary are eligible for sound attenuating ventilators, which allow a steady flow of air into the property without the need to open windows.

If a property has currently only single glazing installed and is located within the First tier boundary, they will be additionally eligible for either secondary glazing or a contribution of equal amount towards the cost of double glazing.

Properties located within the 66 dB LAeq,16 contour, also known as the Second Tier Boundary, are eligible for secondary glazing or a contribution towards the cost of high acoustic performance double glazing. These properties are also eligible for sound attenuating vents.


For illustrative purposes only.

For the latest 57 dB LAeq 16h summer noise contour and the 66 dB LAeq,16 contour please contact us.

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How will I know if I am eligible?

Every year the sound contours are re-assessed. This usually results in identification of new eligible properties; these additional properties are published with the airports annual performance report.

If your property becomes eligible you will automatically be contacted by the Airport informing you accordingly in how you can benefit from this scheme.

If you have recently purchased or rented a property which you believe is eligible and has not been treated, please contact us on +44 (0)203 203 2397 or


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