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6 big food trends for 2017 in London and beyond

Here are our predictions for the top trends in London's kitchens in 2017

6 big food trends for 2017 in London and beyond

Every year sees a hundred predictions for what's going to be hot in the food world. As the only airport actually located in London, it's easier for us than most to stay close to what's happening in London's dining scene, and since April sees the full programme announcement for June's London Food Month, we're sticking our necks out. Here are our predictions for the top trends in London's kitchens (and elsewhere) for the rest of 2017.

1. More focus on British ingredients

First there was the great courgette shortage, then the lettuce scarcity. With rising import prices this year could see British ingredients becoming comparatively cheaper. London's restaurant scene has grown increasingly keen on local produce, from seasonal veg to local craft beer, and supermarkets could follow suit.

2. Food waste on the menu

This year food sustainability guru Dan Barber opened a pop-up restaurant in London, setting the scene for growing interest in food waste. The US super-chef is famous for his wastED restaurants, where menus are based on kitchen scraps usually consigned to the bin (the ED stands for education). The hugely popular London branch was in Selfridges' rooftop restaurant. Don’t worry if you didn't get a table – there will be imitators.

3. Danish pastry galore

In recent years we've gone crazy for Scandinavian culture, gradually progressing through furniture, TV and knitwear. Interest in Scandi food culture is growing. Branches of Danish mini-chain bakery Ole & Steen are popping up all over London this year and. If you're already hooked on snegls (cinnamon swirls to the uninitiated), nothing beats the real thing – visit Denmark to get stuck into smorrebrod and pastries; you can travel to centrally-located Billund on a flight from London City Airport.

4. Chilled red wine

The Spanish have known it for years – chilled red wine works. Not always, of course, but a lighter-bodied Pinot Noir is surprisingly refreshing on a summer's evening on London's South Bank. Of course, ideally, you'd be on a sun-drenched veranda in the Mediterranean for the full effect. You can fly from London City Airport to a range of destinations in Spain – set off in the morning and you can be in Granada or on the beach in Mallorca for an afternoon aperitivo. Browse our Spain deals for offers on hotels and flights from London to Spain.

5. Open-fire cooking

Cooking indoors on open wood fires is already a bona fide trend in San Francisco. Though the city has spawned plenty of food fads that never made it outside capricious California, this one has legs. There are already American BBQ-style restaurants around London, but the method is obviously an ancient one that's traditional to all cuisine, so it's as applicable to high-end British restaurants as it is to traditional Valencian paella.

6. Poke

Not as in prod. It rhymes with 'OK' and is a traditional Hawaiian raw fish dish that ticks any number of healthy, trendy superfood boxes. Poke is a bit like a sushi salad served in a bowl, so it's perfect for convenience lunches and is already picking up in popularity.

And the non-trends Equally, every year there are plenty of predictions that are just too outlandish to stick. Here are two of our picks for trends that won't catch on.

Charcoal cocktails

One of the predictions on other trend lists this year is a craze for activated charcoal, following a spate of jet-black drinks cropping up in ultra-trendy New York cocktail bars. Activated charcoal has historically been used to treat overdoses and poisoning, but some reckon it has health benefits from reducing cholesterol to preventing hangovers. Will charcoal cocktails be turning up on the odd celebrity Instagram feed? Possibly. Will they be swarming every cocktail menu in London? No. There's little to no evidence for the health benefits and – guess what – they taste like charcoal!


We've seen a few bold predictions that 2017 will be the year mead makes its mark. Effectively wine made from honey, mead was a favourite with the Vikings but fell out of fashion some time in the Middle Ages and never really made a comeback. Don't expect that to change any time soon.

If you want to find out first-hand what's hot in London's restaurants then book a flight to London City Airport, the only airport in the heart of London. If you're a Londoner then browse our deals to decide where to take your next culinary adventure.