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Essential sights

Buckingham Palace

An essential stop on a trip around London, Buckingham Palace is one of the most iconic sights in the city. Unless you’ve managed to get an exclusive invitation, you won’t be able to enter Buckingham Palace, but you can still walk up the long road known as the Mall. Don't forget to stop for photos of this royal residence and its smartly dressed guards!

National Gallery

Turner, Gainsborough, Cezanne, da Vinci… the list of masterpieces on display in the National Gallery is extensive and awe-inspiring. Set aside hours to take in everything that this spectacular gallery has to offer. While you’re here, why not relax in iconic Trafalgar Square beneath Nelson’s Column and the surrounding lions.

Palace of Westminster

Parliament meets in the Palace of Westminster, one of the defining buildings of London. It’s easily recognisable by the huge clock tower that contains the famous bell known as Big Ben. The bell’s chimes have been silenced for renovations until 2021, but it’s still impossible to resist stopping for a photo by this quintessential London landmark.

British Museum Visitors crowd around the Rosetta Stone – one of the earliest indications of a written bilingual text ever discovered – but that’s just one marvel in a museum packed with them. This free attraction also displays Egyptian mummies, ancient relief sculptures and archaeological findings from Britain’s most famous burial mounds.

Tate Modern

Standing like an art deco sentinel on the river opposite St Paul’s and linked to it by the slim, elegant Millennium Bridge, Britain’s national museum of contemporary art occupies the incredible industrial spaces of a former power station. You’ll have to pay to see the big blockbuster temporary exhibitions, but entry to the permanent collection is free.

Tower of London

Shimmering crown jewels, macabre stories of imprisonment and traditionally dressed guardsmen known as Beefeaters all make the Tower of London one of the city’s most popular attractions. This is a fortress full of stories, so take a tour and hear about the history of Britain’s exciting capital city.

Exciting attractions for children

London is a destination that has lots of places to explore for younger visitors. Its major museums feature interactive exhibits to help children engage, while many West End shows are family-friendly. You don’t need to head beyond the city boundaries to find an activity that will fill most of the day and show them the best of London!

Science Museum

For an educational day out with the kids, head to the Science Museum. A whole floor is dedicated to games for younger visitors, subtly teaching them principles of physics in the process. The staff are friendly and happy to help with any scientific conundrums.


SEA LIFE London is a huge aquarium that houses over 500 species of marine creatures. Particular highlights include a glass bridge over a shark tank and a tunnel beneath the ocean.

ZSL London Zoo

ZSL London Zoo is another great excursion to enchant children. Kids can meet 750 species of animal, including lions, lemurs and penguins, while learning about conserving their habitats and the importance of ecology. There’s even a walkthrough spider exhibit for the braver visitors!