Educational at London City Airport

Educational Tours

Local primary school classes are invited to take part in interactive education tours of the airport. Staff and students will have the opportunity to witness terminal operations and see the range of different services available landside.

To round off the visit, staff and students are taken to a landside viewing area where they can see aircraft take-offs and landings.

Occasionally, there may be the opportunity to listen in on the conversation between Air Traffic Control and the aircraft pilot.

Students can also complete an activity booklet during the tour or in the classroom.

Click here to download the Key Stage 1 booklet Click here to download the Key Stage 2 booklet

Your Royal Docks

"Your Royal Docks" is a teaching resource available for KS2 teachers to use towards building a history module for their class.

The pack focuses on the history of the Royal Docks, including the crucial role it played in connecting London to the world in the 19th & early 20th Centuries, life and work in the Victorian Royal Docks and during WW2, and the deindustrialisation of the area. It also encourages students to think about changes and the regeneration that is going on now and into the future.

Click here to download "Your Royal Docks" learning resource.

To request a tour send an email to Aaron Uthman Community Relations Ambassador 07872107315.

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