Aerodrome Safeguarding

Due to the Airport’s unique location and surroundings safeguarding is of particular importance. London City Airport operates a comprehensive aerodrome safeguarding policy to ensure the Airport is consulted on planning applications and any other activities that may affect the safe operation of aircraft.

Aerodrome Safeguarding is a process undertaken by airports to ensure that any development or activity taking place within the vicinity of the aerodrome does not adversely affect the safety of the aircraft operating there.

Safeguarding measures are designed to:

Protect the blocks of air through which aircraft fly by preventing penetration of protective surfaces (physical safeguarding)

Protect the integrity of radar and other electronic communications, navigational and surveillance equipment by preventing reflections and diffractions of radio signals, etc (technical safeguarding)

Protect visual aids such as approach and runway lighting to prevent them from being obscured, and prevent the installation of any other lights which may confuse pilots or air traffic controllers

Avoid any increase in the risk to aircraft operations by birds, more information can be found here. More information on general aerodrome safeguarding can be found in the advice notes on the Airport Operators Association (AOA) website: www.aoa.org.uk.

Areas of interest within 10km of London City Airport:

  • New developments and planning applications
  • Cranes and other tall construction equipment
  • Bird attractants such as landscaping or outdoor eateries
  • Lightings schemes
  • Balloon releases
  • Filming or events involving lighting or pyrotechnics
  • Drones/UAVs both commercial and privately owned
  • Wind turbines
  • PV/solar panels
  • Vessels operating in the dock

Please contact the airport directly, providing full details of any of these activities.

The London City Airport safeguarding team can be contacted on +44 (0)203 203 2523 or by emailing safeguarding@londoncityairport.com.