Sustainable Transport at London City Airport

Objectives - turning strategy into action

The airport has taken the six priorities that underpin the draft ASAS and used them as the basis for 26 Transport Objectives that guide the short term work of LCY and of the Airport Transport Forum (ATF). Some of these are objectives that the airport must lead on, while others must be delivered in partnership with the ATF and other key stakeholders. The six priorities within the Draft ASAS are;

  • Enhancing customer service
  • Offering the right services
  • Improving integrated journeys
  • Facilitating local connectivity
  • Offering low carbon alternatives
  • A collaborative approach

The Transport Objectives that sit underneath these cover a range of activities – from promoting public transport to staff and passengers, to working with transport providers to ensure that the needs of airport users are recognised, to providing passengers and staff with more user-friendly transport information. These 26 objectives cover many aspects, but they are not exhaustive and as such other issues are also investigated, managed or actioned as they arise.

Transport Objectives