Take off Into Work

Take off Into Work (TOIW) is the airport’s successful local employment scheme which provides Newham residents over the age of 18 with a variety of training, work experience and access to job opportunities.

TThe programme is run in partnership by LCY and Newham Workplace. The programme consists of a twoweek airport specific training followed by a work placement of up to nine weeks and possibly a job interview with one of the employers at the Airport.

Since September 2009, over 600 Newham residents have managed to secure a job at the airport or one of its concessions. The range of jobs that candidates were recruited into included Security, Ramp Services, Customer Service, Airline Passenger Handling Agents and Retail.

For more information on the TOIW please email us at community@londoncityairport.com

For more insight in the TOIW programme watch the video below: