At London City Airport

London City Airport is the largest private sector employment site in the London Borough of Newham. In 2009, 51 employers based on-site employed over 2000 people. We need to employ excellent staff to ensure our business thrives and to exceed the expectations of our passengers.

Many of our staff live in Newham and surrounding London boroughs. This benefits our business as our staff are flexible, able to work shifts, and share their knowledge of the local area with our passengers.

To encourage local people to apply for roles at London City Airport, we actively engage with local jobseekers, employment organisations, students, schools, colleges, universities and other supporting organisations in East London through our Local Employment Programme.
We work with individuals and groups in a variety of ways, from attending local careers fairs to organising intensive workshops for job seekers led by the airport’s Community Team.

The London City Airport Local Employment Programme aims to:

  • Provide and improve access to employment at the Airport.
  • Engage with local employment organisations (such as Newham Workplace) to ensure information about airport job vacancies and requirements reaches local jobseekers.
  • Advertise all London City Airport Limited job vacancies via appropriate methods and channels.
  • Advertise the vacancies of other employers based on-site at the Airport as far as reasonably practicable.
  • Ensure that the LCY Employers’ Forum runs regularly and effectively to provide an opportunity for employers on-site to engage in local recruitment and other community-related programmes delivered by the Airport.
  • Work with Local Authorities to deliver training programmes for long-term unemployed residents with an interest in working at the Airport.
  • Invest in London City Airport Limited staff by providing an extensive menu of training to allow individuals to progress professionally and develop personally.
  • Source local suppliers, where appropriate, via East London Business Place and encourage local enterprise.

Take Off Into Work (TOIW)

London City Airport was honoured with the prestigious Lord Mayor’s Dragon Award in recognition of the Airport’s significant contribution and commitment to the economic regeneration of London through one of its local employment projects, Take Off into Work (TOIW) In 2010.

TOIW provides airport specific employability training and into-work support for unemployed Newham residents. A partnership programme between LCA and Newham Workplace, TOIW delivers two weeks of airport specific employability training followed by a work placement (up to nine weeks) followed by an interview with one of the 55 employers at the Airport.

LCA has developed the employability training element of the programme with the East London Business Alliance (ELBA) to address the needs of LCA employers and their recruitment challenges. The two week, classroom based workshop focuses on three areas: transferable skills, airport specific training and life skills.

Since March 2009, the Airport has supported over 300 people into work and continues to run the programme five times per year.

For more information on the programme please contact Samantha.Coyne@newhamworkplace.co.uk