Thursday Jan 20:

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ID Centre

All staff that requires access to the Critical Part (CP), must first attend General Security Awareness Training (GSAT) delivered by a CAA approved training provider.

The CAA specifies the scope and content of the training and the qualifications and experience of the course designers and instructors. Objective:

  • To understand what the types of threat to aviation are What types of people pose a threat.
  • To recognise various types of prohibited articles, explosive and incendiary devices and their components, which have been/could be used in unlawful interference of civil aviation.
  • To understand the meanings of the different colour coded passes and what to do if presented with an invalid pass.
  • Understand the meaning of the security controls that endeavour to ensure no prohibited articles are introduced.
  • To recognise the importance of general awareness in recognising suspicious circumstances.
  • To understand the common motives for people making bomb threats and what to do if you receive a threat.

Certain staff listed below, who have already attended a similar kind of training specific to their role, are exempt. All other staff is in scope and include, for example:

  • Airside office workers.
  • Airline and other operational staff who go airside, including passenger handling staff.
  • Engineering and maintenance staff, Loaders, Aircraft refuellers, Shop, Catering.
  • Staff in departure/arrivals areas.

To summarise, all staff other than those listed below who hold an airside pass.

Exemptions The following personnel are exempt from General Security Awareness Training if they have already received equivalent Directed Security Training:-

  • Ground Security Staff and Supervisors.
  • Aviation Security Managers and Instructors.
  • Aircrew and Aircrew Instructors.
  • In-Flight Caterers (who have attended catering security training).

Staff sitting GSAT for the first time will need to collect a Security clearance slip from the ID unit (Authorised signatory will be notified).

You will not be able to sit the course without this slip.

The slip must be accompanied with a valid ID (Driver’s license or passport)