ID Centre

Any person transporting tools of the trade into the Critical Part must be issued with the required Tools of the Trade pass. Personnel can only take tools that are needed airside for the task being carried out.

  • Pass holders are responsible for the tools and equipment they are carrying into the critical part.
  • All tools and equipment that is in use will be kept in their view at all times.
  • Tools and equipment not in use will be stored securely.
  • All tools and equipment will not be left unattended at any time.

Pass holders must report immediately to airport security personnel of any tools or equipment that has gone missing or is unaccounted for. Full and Temporary pass holders.

ID pass applicants, who have a legitimate requirement or transport tools of the trade Airside, will be issued a Tools of Trade pass at time of ID pass issue. Authorised Signatories are required to indicate the applicant is “required to carry tools of the trade for their duties” by completing the Tools of the Trade section on the relevant application form via Mtrust.