#nofilter project

Welcome to the #NoFilter Project

London City Airport is very excited to formally introduce our #NoFilter photography project.

Advances in digital cameras and smart phones mean that travel photography and the ability to enhance images through filtering and post editing has never been easier. The aim of the #NoFilter project is to get back to the roots of photography, celebrating the fact that photos don’t need to be Instagrammed or filtered in order to show how beautiful a place is.

Since June 2014, we have been enlisting the help of travel bloggers all over the world to share the #NoFilter beauty of our favourite places in Europe. So far we’ve collected some fantastic images of Madrid, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Milan, Dublin and Frankfurt. Take a look at our amazing #NoFilter gallery above and watch out for ways you can join in soon!

For more information on the travel bloggers who’ve taken part and to see more photos, check out our pages on: