London City Airport Noise and Track Keeping System

Restricted movements

The CADP1 planning permission allows up to 111,000 total aircraft movements per annum, including both scheduled and general aviation aircraft. The planning permission also contains stict limits on daily and weekly movements. These include:

  1. 111,000 movements per year;
  2. 45 scheduled movements per hour;
  3. 100 movements per day on Saturdays, 200 per day on Sundays, but no more than 280 on any consecutive Saturday and Sunday;
  4. 592 movements per weekday, except for Public or Bank Holidays, specifically:
  • 132 on 1st January;
  • 164 on Good Friday;
  • 198 on Easter Monday;
  • 248 on May Day;
  • 230 on late May Bank Holiday;
  • 230 on late August Bank Holiday;
  • Airport is closed 25th December;
  • 100 on 26th December;

There are also limits on the number of aircraft movements which occur during specific operational periods:

  • 400 aircraft movements per calendar year or 150 in any consecutive 3 months between 22.00 and 22.30 hours, or 12.30 and 13.00 hours on a Saturday;

  • 6 aircraft movements between 06.30 and 06.59 hours on Mondays to Saturdays with no more than 2 in the first fifteen minutes.

The airport is also required to record the numbers and types of aircraft that use the airport daily and submit aggregate figures to the Council on a quarterly basis.