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Private Jet Centre Services

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Our experienced team provides a complete corporate aviation package, including flight planning, weather briefings and landing clearances, slot requests, ground handling, flight watch, cleaning, catering, refuelling, baggage and aircraft handling.

Our VIP lounge, crew facility, aircraft parking, immigration and customs, make London City Airport Jet Centre a compelling choice for corporate aviation.

Ground Services

  • Passenger Meeting room
  • Passenger Lounge
  • Crew Facility
  • Catering, Ground Transportation
  • On-site immigration / customs

Aircraft Services

  • Landing and Handling
  • Parking
  • De-icing
  • Refuelling

Operations: full operational logistical support

  • Flight Planning: Full ICAO flight planning facilities
  • Slot booking: Arrangement of arrival and departure slots
  • MET & NOTAM Briefing: Up to the minute worldwide MET and NOTAM information
  • Flight Following: Flight tracking (if required) using the latest CFMU equipment
  • Company VHF: Dedicated VHF frequency (131.475) for efficient communication

Our fees & charges

To download our rates, click here

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