Responsible Growth

London City Airport, located in East London in the historic Royal Docklands, has been transforming in the past 30 years from an airport that welcomed just 133,000 passengers in 1988 – its first full year of operation – to a record breaking year in 2019 with over 5 million passengers.

The airport may be internationally connected but we remain an East London Business at heart, with over 64% of employees coming from the local area. We contribute £750 million to the UK and the local economy each year and due to the City Airport Development Programme (CADP) this contribution is set to grow to £1.5 billion by 2025. CADP will allow us to improve the airport’s airfield infrastructure by building seven new aircraft parking stands, a parallel taxilane and an extended terminal building. CADP will create 1600 new jobs as wel as 600 during the constructing phase. Being the most community focused airport in the UK, we want East London to benefit from our growth. Something we call: Responsible Growth.

We aim to engage with, bring benefit to, and empower East London, so that the region and its people can reach their full potential and become an even more vibrant area. We are aware that our operations can have an impact on residents living in local communities. That is why we aim to do everything we can to manage, mitigate, and where possible, reduce our impact to let East Londoners benefit from our growth.

Our Responsible Growth strategy for the future includes:


  • Over half of the 2100 jobs created by CADP will go to East Londoners
  • We will work with local partners to establish our first apprenticeship programme to further upskill local people and improve their access to opportunities in the labour market
  • We will continue to invest in programmes that will upskill young East Londoners and make them work ready

Education: We will run tailored education programmes in every East London borough

  • We will welcome over 5000 school children per year to LCY to learn about the airport, our operations and opportunities


  • We will continue to be the UK leader in surface access and will promote more sustainable modes of transport Surface Access Strategy 2017-2025
  • We will manage and reduce the negative impact on the local community and disclose information on what we are doing to mitigate our noise and air quality impact. To view the air quality action plan click here.

Engagement & Economy:

  • We will run community roadshows each year in East London boroughs
  • We will run annual Meet the Buyer Events so that local companies can prosper as we grow
  • We will share the airport’s best practices with businesses in East London
  • We will communicate opportunities and relevant construction and operational developments to our local community on a quarterly basis.

All of the above will be supplemented by continued investment in programmes and initiatives that will help East London prosper. So if you have ideas then we want to hear from you at