Best gadgets and apps for the modern traveller

From smart luggage locks and bill-splitting apps to jetlag-busting specs and scooter suitcases, these cutting-edge gizmos are all designed to make travelling a breeze. Inventive and ingenious, they’ll add some futuristic fun to your next adventure, whether it’s a party weekend or a romantic retreat.


Perfect for stag and hen weekends, this nifty number is priceless if you’re travelling in a pack. With Glympse, you can whack a cheeky geo-tag on everyone in your group and see exactly where they are in real time, whether it’s under a park bench or still in the pub. Easy to use and totally indispensable, it’s also a great way to keep track of anyone with a faulty inner compass or a tendency to turn up late. Each user controls exactly who can see them and for how long, ensuring privacy and personal space. It’s a keeper.


Micro Luggage Scooter

Not exactly essential but sure to boost the fun factor of any journey, a Micro Luggage Scooter will let you zip through airports and along city streets whilst grinning like a big kid. It’s a kickboard, hand-luggage suitcase and luggage trolley all rolled into one, perfect for mini-breaks and business trips alike. At £299.95, it’s a fair investment, but the hardy Swiss design ensures years of use and, let’s face it, you can’t put a price on pure child-like joy.



Nobody likes to be treasurer on a group trip, so take the headache out of splitting bills with Splittr, an ingenious little app specially designed for dividing costs on the go. It’s a simple platform that’s easy to use and share amongst friends, supporting all currencies and generally making life easier, leaving you free to enjoy your holiday without a running balance sheet rattling around your brain.


AirBolt Smart Travel Lock

Due to launch in August 2016 and available for pre-order now, the Aussie-designed AirBolt is a Bluetooth-enabled luggage lock and a whole lot more. Track the exact location of your luggage via the free Android app; get buzzer alerts if you stray too far from your case; view a detailed log of every time your AirBolt has been unlocked; and create a backup code just in case your phone battery is on the blink. The team behind AirBolt has worked hard to cover all the bases and the result is a real travel must-have.


Sit or squat

Far from glamorous but quickly indispensable, this app is great if you get caught short on the fly. Sponsored by Charmin, it will find you the nearest free toilet pretty much anywhere on the planet, with some pretty entertaining photos and reviews to boot. A lifesaver in unfamiliar territory and even on home ground, it will cut back on hours of uncomfortable wandering, bringing peace of mind to the weak-bladdered all across the world.


The Airhook

A ridiculously simple but reliable way to reduce in-flight rage, the Airhook banishes the need for the dreaded seatback table, giving you far more legroom and some valuable added storage space. Essentially a drink holder and tablet-propper-upper, it will stop you from spilling your coffee with your knees or slouching to see your screen. Hang your earphone or coat from the hook, watch a film in comfort and feel beautifully hands-free all flight long.


Luminette Light Therapy

New to the market, Luminette is a pair of light therapy spectacles that promises to zap your jet lag to pieces in no time. They look pretty darn odd, there’s no getting around that, but 30 minutes in the morning should be enough to reset your biological clock to a new time zone, so there’s no real need (thankfully) to take them out on the town. Equally effective for seasonal disorders and insomnia, it’s a futuristic piece of kit that can really improve quality of life, making it easily worth the spend.



Airport lounges aren’t just for first-class swaggerers. Far from it. Economy-ticket mortals can also access lounges all across the world for a hot shower and a quick bite between flights. It’s just about knowing what’s out there. Loungebuddy gives you a detailed breakdown of accessible lounges in every airport, listing their costs, facilities, regulations and exact location in the terminal. Find a lounge, grab a soak, knock back a hot coffee and leave feeling like a VIP.