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Max out your mini-break:

Europe's best long weekend destinations

Ski trip done, summer holiday sorted, Christmas planned? You might not have much time off left this year, but with the right timing and the right destination you can still fit in another break.

If you choose the right city, you can enjoy a real holiday experience with just one day off work over a long weekend. Minimal check-in time, short flights and quick transfers are the key. And you can reach some top destinations from London City Airport that tick all the boxes. Here are our picks.


On the banks of the Dordogne, Bergerac is one of southwest France's prettiest and most historic towns. Most visitors to the region head straight for larger Bordeaux, but Bergerac has a laidback, provincial charm that makes it perfect for a wine-themed sunny weekend away. A mini-break is the perfect way to explore the maze of cobbled streets and fit in a few wine tastings between leisurely meals in Bergerac's old town or overlooking the Dordogne.

A walk around the historic centre is a must, with its half-timbered medieval buildings – it's the perfect way to spend an afternoon. If you want to fit in some shopping you'll find designer boutiques all over town, but Bergerac is really known for wine, and a visit to the town's wine museum, la Maison des Vins, and a couple of caves will easily take up another half-day.

Perfect timing

Fly out Friday 09:25 and land at 12:00, then return Monday at 14:25, arriving 15:00.

Book a flight to Bergerac for a wine-filled weekend away from the city.


Amsterdam gives a lot of bang for your buck on a long weekend break. It's just over an hour's flight from London to Amsterdam, with a 15-minute train ride from Schiphol airport to Amsterdam Central station, so you get maximum experience for minimal travel time. Amsterdam is one of Europe's great cities and it delivers on every front: for culture, tour its alternative galleries and take in its street art; for romance, wander alongside the canals, and for pure R&R, enjoy Amsterdam's excellent restaurants and burgeoning craft beer scene.

With just a half-day's leave on Friday you can land in Amsterdam in time for drinks and dinner out, get a full weekend enjoying Amsterdam's bars and culture, and return Sunday night or Monday.

Perfect timing

Choose from a range of flights from London City Airport to Amsterdam, with morning flights on Friday and Saturday, and after-work flights departing on Friday evenings from 17:30 until 20:00. Browse the full timetable.

Feeling inspired? Book a flight or browse our deals on Amsterdam city breaks.


From 29 October 2017 you can fly from London City Airport to Lisbon and explore Portugal's capital, where food, socialising and leisure reign supreme. Lisbon's mix of glamour and charming scruffiness give it a unique feel, and you can easily spend a weekend just wandering its hilly streets, but there's plenty to enjoy, from Gothic churches to excellent eats. Custard tarts and salt cod are the stereotypical food heroes here, but Lisbon has a varied dining scene that owes much to the nearby Atlantic, as well as a buzzing and friendly nightlife.

Perfect timing

With the initial timetable you can depart Friday or Saturday morning to arrive for lunch in Lisbon, or take off Friday evening. Return Sunday late afternoon, arriving at London City Airport early evening so you're still fresh for work the next day, or come back on Monday.


Most towns in France boast some kind of gourmet credentials, but Avignon has a particularly sophisticated dining culture. And if there's a cuisine anywhere that lives up to the description 'summer on a plate', it's Provençal food. Expect fresh, sunshiny flavours paired with the finest Châteauneuf-du-Pape (the world-famous wine town is a few miles up the Rhone from Avignon). Add in Avignon's fascinating history and thriving arts scene (the Festival d'Avignon is one of Europe's major arts festivals, taking place each July), and you've got the perfect summer mini-break.

Perfect timing

Flights from London City Airport to Avignon run through the summer, departing Friday mornings and returning Monday afternoon. Check the timetable or book now.

You can book a mini-break to a range of destinations in France with London City Airport – browse our current deals on French city breaks.

Start early

If you'd rather not rush your mini-break, get yourself in the holiday mood and leave the real world behind before you've even taken off – book into a lounge at London City Airport and start your weekend break ASAP.

Check our timetables for detailed information on all flights from London City Airport or browse our range of offers on European city breaks.