Bern’s cobbled streets and red-roofed houses on the banks of the Aare River give it a small-town charm.


Its UNESCO-listed old town has a medieval look and feel, but the stylish cafes and designer shops hidden in its pretty arcades offer a very modern distraction. With brilliant museums, a dynamic nightlife and 100 striking – sometimes macabre – fountains make it a must-explore city.


As you'd expect, nightlife on the Isle of Man is limited with the island's small size. But Douglas does feature a handful of clubs that are popular with the locals, and you can expect a lively night out any Friday or Saturday.

You're more likely, however, to find a charming country pub or stylish wine bar to settle in for a night of drinks and lively conversation. Douglas is home to the most modern spots on the island, thanks to the numerous business travellers that stay here. Head to the towns and villages outside the capital to find cosy, proper pubs in scenic locations.

If your idea of nightlife is an evening’s entertainment, then your choices are more varied. The Gaiety Theatre in Douglas is a remarkably elegant Victorian venue that runs a diverse programme of plays and concerts throughout the year. The nearby Villa Marina welcomes in A-list musicians and comedians, while smaller arts centres around the island showcase local talents.