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Centrally located on the mainland of Denmark, Billund is perhaps most famous as the birthplace of LEGO...

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... and the home of the original LEGOLAND park theme park. But there's more to the city than plastic bricks and pirate ships. Take a road trip out of town to discover the bleak beauty of the Jutland peninsula, with its powdery sand beaches, vibrant port towns and ancient heathlands, and return home telling tales of Viking rune-stones, ancient kings and fascinating wartime history.

Flying to Billund

Fly to Billund from London and you’ll find yourself landing in the centre of Denmark’s Jutland area, perfect for exploring the region – but for thousands of visitors every year, it’s the birthplace of Lego and home of the original Legoland. A traditional town in many ways, Billund is a fantastic central point to begin a holiday around Denmark, heading east to Copenhagen and further on towards Sweden over the famous Oresund Bridge, or south into Germany. The town and surrounding area are very well-set-up for family holidays, and if you happen to be visiting on business, the links from Billund Airport are efficient and reliable. Read on to find out more about flying to Billund.

Flying from London City Airport to Billund: Q&A

Despite its landmark status as a family holiday town, Billund is a relatively under-the-radar destination, so we’ve put together answers to a few of the essential questions about flying from London City Airport to Billund.

How long is the flight from London to Billund?

It takes around 1 hour 40 minutes to fly from London City Airport to Billund. Once you land, the airport is compact and just five minutes’ drive to Legoland and slightly further to the town centre. So if you’re travelling from Central London, just add the quick DLR trip to London City Airport and you have a very short door-to-door trip.

How many flights a week are there from London City Airport to Billund?

There are two flights to Billund from London City Airport every day, except Mondays and Tuesdays. The morning flight will see you arriving in Billund in time for lunch. The evening flight gives you the chance to set off after work and arrive and check-in without disturbing the children’s bedtimes.

What airlines fly most frequently between London City Airport and Billund?

If you’re choosing to fly directly from London City Airport to Billund, your flight operator will be British Airways. If you find other fares available, they will probably be indirect, with a stopover in the airline’s hub airport.

Practical information about flying from London to Billund

Firstly, make sure you bring your passport for any flight from London to Billund – you’ll be travelling across borders into Denmark, so you’ll need it. When you’re there, the currency is the Danish krone (not the euro), and you’ll need to set your watch one hour ahead, as Denmark is on Central European Time.

What to expect in Billund

Billund is small, but it’s also beautiful, and surrounded by some of the most impressive ancient wildernesses and heathlands in Europe. From the wading birds on the coastline to the dolphins out in the North Sea, there is plenty to discover on this part of the Jutland peninsula. See traditional wooden homes painted in bright colours, visit the zoo and nearby water park, and of course, make your way to Legoland, the birthplace of Lego. Hire a car and you’ll be able to explore further, and make your way over to Hans Christian Andersen’s birthplace of Odense, or Aarhus, just over an hour’s drive away. Whether you’re here for the history or for fun, remember the local saying leg godt – “play well”, the Danish phrase where the word Lego comes from.