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Home to historic architecture, modern art, and endless altbier in ‘the longest bar in the world’, Dusseldorf packs a lot in.

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Food lovers will relish browsing the stalls of its street markets, while aesthetes will appreciate the Art Nouveau architecture of Oberkassel and the modern masterpieces of the Kunstsammlung gallery.

Food and drink

Essential dishes

Dusseldorf’s position on the banks of the Rhine and near the borders with Belgium and the Netherlands means it has developed a diverse cuisine. Adventurous diners will relish the chance to sample blutwurst, made from fresh blood, offal and herbs. A more conventional alternative is grünkohlessen, sausages served with kale and sweet potatoes, while mussels from the Rhine Delta, served with white wine, are another local delicacy.


The signature drink of Dusseldorf is undoubtedly beer. Altbier, a type of dark lager brewed in a traditional manner, is a speciality. Head to Füchschen or Uerige, iconic and longstanding brewery/bars in the Altstadt, to try altbier that’s been brewed on-site. Altstadt’s continuum of drinking establishments has led to it being dubbed ‘the longest bar in the world’, and it’s certainly the place to come for great atmosphere and even better beer.

Food markets

Whether you’re after traditional German comfort food or delicacies from further afield, Dusseldorf’s street markets have got you covered. The farmers’ market of Markt am Carlsplatz is home to more than 60 stalls, selling both fresh produce and street food from Europe, Asia and beyond.