Frankfurt may be known as a hub for business travellers but it͛s also home to medieval buildings, museums and a vibrant food scene.


It’s known to many as ‘Mainhattan’, thanks to its skyscrapers and position on the banks of the River Main, but also for its abundance of cultural attractions and nightlife.

Arriving at Frankfurt Airport 

Frankfurt’s airport is one of the busiest in Europe, providing a major gateway to the continent. If you’re planning to stay in Frankfurt itself rather than continue onwards, you can reach the city centre via public transport within minutes.

The DB Rail Terminal located below the airport allows travellers to easily travel on to other locations in Germany and beyond. To head straight into Frankfurt, the S-Bahn is the quickest and easiest option, taking you directly to the main railway station in about 10 minutes. Tickets can be bought from the RMV machines and cost just €4.50.

Travellers can also take a bus from the arrivals level of Terminal 1 or level 2 of Terminal 2. A taxi into the city should take around 20 minutes and cost approximately €25.

Festivals and events

Alongside many important trade fairs, such as the massive Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt is known for a wide range of annual festivals and events, based around everything from cider to the arts.

Spring and Autumn Dippemess

The Dippemess folk festivals, held in spring and autumn, celebrate the changing of the seasons with fairground rides and market stalls that attract the whole family.

Apple Wine Festival

The Apple Wine festival takes place every August, celebrating the city’s famous Ebbelwei drink through theatre, music and, of course, drinking.

Museum Embankment Festival

Also held in August is the Museum Embankment Festival, one of the largest art and cultural festivals in Europe. Time your visit right and you’ll get to take in a banquet of visual art, plays, music, dance and more.

Christmas markets

Frankfurt is not alone among German cities in being renowned for its Christmas markets. However, even seasoned market-goers often consider Frankfurt’s to be a cut above most of the others.