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Set around glittering Lake Geneva, this gateway to the Alps is also the European headquarters for the United Nations.

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Fly to Geneva to experience a city with a rich history of religious turmoil and a clutch of fascinating monuments and museums for a true cultural experience. Sidestep the flashy billboards and you’ll discover a slick, quietly cool city with a burgeoning food scene.

Flying to Geneva

Whether you're heading into town or using Geneva airport as the entry point for a trip to the mountains, a flight from London City Airport to Geneva makes for an easy, direct journey from London to the city or the Alps. Almost directly on the Swiss-French border, Geneva airport is convenient for a wide area stretching into Switzerland, and in three directions into France. Make your work trip as hassle-free as possible, plan your ski trip, or book a weekend trip to a delightfully under-the-radar city break destination.

Flying from London City Airport to Geneva: Q&A

Departing from LCY makes for the simplest flight from London to Geneva, but you might still have some queries. That's why we've gathered answers to the most common questions about the route – read on to help plan your trip.

How long is the flight from London to Geneva?

A direct flight from London City Airport to Geneva takes around 1 hour 40 minutes, runway-to-runway. Once you arrive, the CFF train can take you directly to Genève Cornavin, the city’s main train station, in under 10 minutes. Outside the station you can get a taxi to destinations around the city and surrounds, or you can catch a tram – there's a large intersection that you can't miss directly outside the station's main exit. Taxis are plentiful but can be expensive – around CHF40, not including any additional charges that might be applicable for luggage.

How many flights a week are there from London City Airport to Geneva?

There are around 19 flights a week from London City Airport to Geneva; four on Mondays and Tuesdays, three Wednesday ‒ Friday and two on a Sunday. If you’re travelling on business, early-morning departures arrive in time for morning meetings. If you’re booking a long weekend, late-evening flights on Friday mean you can leave for Geneva straight after work, and the Sunday evening return flight will mean you can spend more of your weekend in Geneva.

What airlines fly most frequently between London City Airport and Geneva?

Flying from London City Airport to Geneva generally means flying with either Swiss or British Airways. Both operators offer direct flights. Other airline operators fly on this route, but their flights include a short stopover in their hub airports.

Practical information about flying from London to Geneva

To travel from London to Geneva you will need a valid passport. It’s also important to remember that in Switzerland, the currency is the Swiss Franc (CHF). Be sure to check the exchange rate before you travel, as prices in Geneva can be a little more expensive than other destinations for some things, such as taxi rides and alcohol. If you're heading into France, bear in mind that you may still need Swiss currency for public transport or transfers.

What to expect in Geneva

Geneva is a beautiful, sophisticated city in the heart of the Alps. Perfect for a bleisure travel trip, it strikes a unique balance between business and pure enjoyment. Being so close to the mountains, it’s easy to find time to ski and hike. If you’re limited for time, the Jet d’Eau is a spectacle you’ll spot from your hotel room. Take a look at our ideas for making the most of Geneva on business for more great tips, or check out our comprehensive guide to Geneva for everything you need to know about the destination.