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Discover this picture-perfect country by hiking, diving, and flying your way through it’s stunning landscapes.

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Located at the gates to the Mediterranean, Gibraltar fuses local culture with international influences throughout its architecture, cuisine, and traditions. With Upper Rock Nature Reserve as it’s most well known and distinctive tourist attraction, there is no end of outdoor adventures to be had on this bustling peninsula.



If you’re planning a quick getaway for the day, Gibraltar is the perfect place to go as you can see a little bit of everything at a very cheap price. We recommend getting yourself a Gibraltar Nature Reserve and attractions ticket as this will allow you to access 16 different sites throughout the nature reserve and experience the true beauty of Gibraltar. You don’t have to do it all by foot though, as you’ve got the option of cable cars, taxis, and bus tours that will save you getting lost (although there are some lovely walking routes if you fancy a hike).

When it comes to food, head to the city centre to experience the best of Gibraltar’s cuisine. Dine in one of the many restaurants and cafes in Casemates Square, or head to the marinas for a meal with sea view. Don’t forget to wander across the sandy beaches and take in Gibraltar’s stunning ocean views.

You could even hop on a boat tour to see even more of the coastline and maybe spot some dolphins as you go!


Within minutes of arriving in Gibraltar, you’ll be in the heart of the city centre, the perfect way to start your trip.

Just by wandering the streets of Gibraltar there is so much history, architecture, and culture to absorb. As you move from Irish Town, to Casemates Square, to sandy beaches, new sights and experiences are always just around the corner. If you’d like to learn more, it’s worth checking out one of Gibraltar’s many tours as they offer all kinds of options including historical tours, street art mural tours, botanical tours, activity based tours, and even walk & wine tours.

As you stroll around you’re sure to stumble across one of Gibraltar’s many quaint eateries, offering cuisines from around the world, so finding a bite to eat will never be a problem!

After learning about the city, why not head to the beaches for some water based activities. See the country from a whole new perspective by diving into its Mediterranean seas where there is an abundance of stunning marine life and coral reefs. If you’d rather keep your head above water, there are other activities such as paddle boarding and surfing available. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, it’s the perfect way to explore Gibraltar’s coastline.

Come evening, you’re spoilt for choice. Spend a picturesque evening dining by the seafront in one of the marinas as you watch the sunset over the peninsula. If you’re not one for turning in early, head to Casemates Square or Irish Town to enjoy the best of Gibraltar’s nightlife. With bars on every corner, you can experience a little bit of everything, including a night at the casino, or partying in one of several luxury clubs.

If you’re not feeling too worse for wear the next morning, it’s definitely worth putting aside the day for what is one of Gibraltar’s biggest tourist attractions - Upper Rock Nature Reserve. Once you’ve grabbed your Nature Reserve and attractions ticket, you can head to 16 different locations throughout the reserve. Follow one of the reserve’s many walking routes, each offering different difficulties and takes you to different locations. Spend time exploring stunning caves, hang out with the Barbary macaques, discover amazing architecture, and take in a view like no other at the top of the rock.


Day 1

Get acquainted with Gibraltar by wandering its beautiful streets, taking in the stunning architecture and fusion of cultures. Discover the shopping and dining experiences at every twist and turn. If you decide you want to go further afield, it couldn’t be more simple than grabbing yourself a hopper ticket and jumping on one of Gibraltar’s many bus routes that will take you to a whole new area of the peninsula.

Day 2

Now that you’ve taken time to explore, go on one of Gibraltar’s many tours (or even a few) to find out more about this country’s rich culture. Learn more about its history with a tour of the WW2 tunnels or through its military battlefields. Get creative with a street art tour or art walk. Enjoy something a bit more tasty on a Spirit of the Rock Distillery Tour or walk & wine tour. Whatever your interests, there’s always a tour for you!

Day 3 & 4

As one of the main tourist attractions in Gibraltar, you’ll want to put a couple of days aside to explore Upper Rock Nature Reserve. Once you’ve purchased a Nature Reserve and attractions ticket, it’s time to begin exploring the 16 different locations open for adventure. There are many different walking routes available that will link you to the attractions, and each route caters to different walking preferences and difficulties. If walking between them isn’t so appealing to you, you can jump on a cable car, taxi, or bus tour to help speed things up.

Along the way you will find many sites that are linked to Gibraltar’s rich military history, including castles, WW2 tunnels, and a heritage centre. The reserve is also home to some stunning geological features, in particular St. Michael’s Cave. Shrouded in legend, this cave now receives over a million visitors a year due to its beautiful features and the auditorium that has been built within the main chamber due to its phenomenal acoustics. Closely linked with the legends about the cave are the hundreds of Barbary macaques living in aptly named Ape’s Den, just down from the cave. Said to have come here via a legendary subterranean tunnel under the straights, the apes have made their home here and have become a tourist attraction in themselves. Just watch your bags during your visit, they’re always on the lookout for food!

Day 5

After a few days exploring the reserve, why not head to one of Gibraltar’s beautiful beaches. With the soft sands and scenic views, it’s the perfect place to relax in the sun with a good book. But if sitting around isn’t your thing, there are even more tours you can find on the coastline. Take to the seas with a boat tour, fishing trip, or even dolphin spotting. Diving and paddle boarding are also popular activities and cater for beginners and experts alike.

Day 6

As well as the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, Gibraltar is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna for people to explore. Gibraltar’s Botanic Gardens is the perfect place to start, home to an abundance of plants and trees, some over 200 years old. Within the garden is an outdoor theatre and in the summer months you can go to watch plays and performances of all kinds. Also within the gardens is Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park, home to many exotic endangered species. The park plays an important part in international efforts to protect and conserve endangered species, but they also care for any exotic animals confiscated at Gibraltar’s customs which is why such a wide array of creatures can be found here. Combining the beauty of the botanic gardens and the altruistic and educational nature of the conservation park, it’s the perfect day out for families.

Day 7

On your last day in Gibraltar, take the time for some last minute sightseeing. If you’ve doneenough walking by now, hire out a bicycle from EBike and take a leisurely cycle to all of those places you’ve yet to discover throughout the week. Experience the Skywalk on Upper Rock totake in Gibraltar in all of its beauty from this bird’s eye view as you gaze out across the seas. End your week with a relaxing meal at the marina, enjoying delicious local cuisine as the sunsets on the horizon.