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Ibiza is synonymous with all-night raves and the best parties in Europe. You’ll certainly find such things in plentiful supply here.

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You don’t have to go far, however, to discover a world apart from DJs and drinks, where history takes precedence and small villages entice you to relax on a peaceful coastline overlooking the glimmering Med.

Food and drink

Home-grown produce

For the best culinary experience of Ibiza, seek out places serving food from the island itself. Ibiza’s nourishing soils grow figs, grapes and olives, its bakers churn out masses of bread made to traditional recipes and the sea teems with life. There’s something nostalgic about the cuisine here, harking back to a different, simpler time.

Popular dishes

Seafood naturally plays a big role in the Ibiza diet. Look out for hearty dishes such as fried squid, garlic prawns and zarzuela, a local fish stew. Away from the coastline, dishes get meatier. An Ibizan classic is sofrit pagès, a stew of multiple meats mixed with potatoes, seasonal vegetables and spices. For dessert? Ensaïmadas, a classic sweet treat of light, filled pastry.

Local wine

Ibiza may be small but it makes the most of its climate in several vineyards around the island. Don’t miss San Mateu, a village famed for its viticulture. A wine festival takes place every December, but you can pick up a delicious drink here throughout the year. Simply head to the wineries on the edges of the village and join one of their tasting sessions.