Centuries of reinvention and restoration pile on top of one another in Portugal’s dazzling, sun-blessed capital.


Here, time-worn trams trundle through medieval streets and the scent of freshly baked custard tarts permeates the air. Modern Portugal has emerged in this historic city, too, offering nightlife, shopping and business to rival Europe’s major capitals.

Flying to Lisbon

As Portugal's longstanding capital and one of the world's oldest cities, Lisbon has seen its fair share of change. From pastel-coloured port of discovery to modern city of culture, education and finance, this beautiful city has become one of Europe’s most popular destinations for tourists. Here you can taste Portuguese history and its dazzling future at the same time. Ride a vintage tram through the heart of the city for a tangible experience of its long and varied past. Then visit buzzy cocktail lounges, designer boutiques and high-class dining to bring you bang up-to-date. And when you're visiting from London, direct flights from London City Airport to Lisbon makes the city easily accessible from the heart of the UK capital.

Flying from London City Airport to Lisbon: Q&A

Here are our answers to some of the most common questions about flights from London City Airport to Lisbon, so you can get the practical information you need in one go, and get on with planning your trip.

How long is the flight from London to Lisbon?

Flights from London City Airport to Lisbon are around two and a half hours long. Once you arrive, it’s a 20-minute taxi ride to the centre of town, which should cost around €15 ‒ but make sure you agree on a flat fare with the taxi driver before you get in.

How many flights a week are there from London City Airport to Lisbon?

There are two flights to Lisbon from London City Airport on weekdays, and one per day over the weekend. The morning flights midweek land with enough time to get to a morning meeting, even during rush hour, and Saturday’s flight gets you to Lisbon before lunch. Perfect for a quick getaway. Take a look at the LCY–Lisbon timetable for the most up-to-date information.

What airlines fly most frequently between London City Airport and Lisbon?

If you’re flying directly to Lisbon, you’ll most likely be flying with TAP Air Portugal, which offers economy and business class tickets. You may find flights from other operators, but these are indirect and not as convenient.

Practical information about flying from London to Lisbon

When travelling from London to Lisbon you'll need your passport. As soon as you get to Lisbon International Airport, you’ll be able to grab a taxi to take you into town, but there are several regular buses to get you there too. Then, once you’re in town, Lisbon’s charming trams can take you anywhere you want to go. The airport also has a Metro stop, where you can pick up a direct train to central Lisbon in about 20 minutes.

What to expect in Lisbon

Lisbon is everything a southern European capital should be ‒ radiant with holiday sunshine, buzzing with life and packed to the terracotta-eaves with culture, history and legend. If you’re travelling on business, you’ll find that Portuguese café culture suits the working day well here. No matter your reasons for visiting, make sure you visit the Tower of Belém, to look out over the Atlantic where Portuguese conquistadors set sail to the Americas centuries ago.