Discover London

London is one of the world’s great capitals, a financial, political and cultural powerhouse that would take a lifetime to fully explore.

Iconic sights and world-famous museums are just part of the appeal; London is a city where it’s exciting just to be there, tapping into its restless rhythms and wandering its storied streets.

Getting Around

London Underground

The London Underground, or the tube, is an efficient and comprehensive network of train routes that runs throughout the city out to its distant suburbs. In the centre, trains arrive every few minutes and link you to all of the major attractions.

Costs are determined by which zones you are travelling between, but it’s now as easy as tapping your contactless card (or Oyster card) without the need for paper tickets.

This is not only one of the most efficient ways to get around London, but is also a quintessential experience when visiting the city.


Your Oyster or contactless card also works on London’s bus system, which will take you to more destinations than the Underground, and can drop you off in more specific locations. These red double-deckers also carry the added appeal of their iconic, postcard-ready appearance.

Car hire

Car hire is available at the airport but comes with extra costs when travelling around central London. Congestion charges and long waits on the busy roads can make driving in the centre frustrating. If you're heading out of town, London City Airport is well-connected, with the M25 motorway around half an hour's drive away. Book your car hire in advance with us.


Rental bikes are readily available at docking stations throughout the city and can be dropped off in different locations. Simply find a terminal, use your bank card to unlock a bicycle, and start exploring the city on two wheels. Who knew getting around London could be good exercise as well!


A ride in one of the city’s famous black cabs is a classic London experience. Rides can be relatively expensive but are convenient and you'll rarely have to wait long for an available cab.

If a cab has the TAXI light above its windscreen on, then it's available – hail it by sticking your arm out. If the light is switched off, it's already taken.