Discover London

London is one of the world’s great capitals, a financial, political and cultural powerhouse that would take a lifetime to fully explore.

Iconic sights and world-famous museums are just part of the appeal; London is a city where it’s exciting just to be there, tapping into its restless rhythms and wandering its storied streets.

Getting active

Running down a flight of stairs to catch the next Underground train isn’t the only way to stay fit in London. For all its skyscrapers and densely populated neighbourhoods, London is a city with lots of green spaces to explore. Locations such as Hyde Park and Regent’s Park in the city centre offer several trails for joggers and cyclists, but it's still a beautiful place to visit if you just want a gentle stroll.

One way of getting around London is to pick up a rental bike from docking stations around the city using your credit or debit card. Head out to the suburbs and the green spaces increase; Richmond Park is particularly scenic, famed for its large deer population.

Outdoor swimming in London is also growing in popularity. The Serpentine, a stretch of water in Hyde Park, fills with swimmers looking to cool off in summer, as do the ponds in Hampstead Heath. Several London neighbourhoods also have popular lidos. Most outdoor swimming spots are open to the public in summer, but several require membership for winter swimming.

London also hosts one of the biggest running events in the world. The London Marathon, which takes place in spring each year, is simply huge, attended by about 40,000 runners. The roads close and the spectators come out in force for this major community event.