Discover Luxembourg

This characterful capital may only cover a small area of the hilly landscape, but it’s a big enough city to be full of surprises.

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With world-class museums sitting alongside fine dining destinations and scenic viewpoints.

Getting active

Leave Luxembourg City behind and in a matter of moments you’ll be amid countryside characterised by rolling hills, lush woodland and winding rivers. It’s a landscape that demands to be explored and doing so is one of the best ways to stay active during your trip.

Hiking trails wind all over the country, so bring a pair of sturdy boots and a good map, then start walking. The woods of Mullerthal are particularly popular with walkers, as they’re the home of the famous Mullerthal Trail. This leads you into verdant valleys, which will be blissfully free from crowds and noise. The natural parks of the Ardennes region also promise several days’ worth of walking routes into woods and hills.

Water sports are also popular in Luxembourg, making the most of the numerous valleys in the compact country. The Moselle River runs along the southeast corner of the country and is the ideal place to try out a new sport. Kayaking, water-skiing and pedal-boating offer ways of seeing the river at different speeds. If splashing around doesn’t seem like fun to you, try cycling or horse riding to experience the region from dry land.


Clervaux Castle

This sprawling white castle hosts a famous photography exhibition known as the Family of Man, as well as museums dedicated to famous battles and models of other castles.

Beaufort Castle

Wander through this scenic ruin that rewards the imaginative explorer. Parts of it date back as far as the 11th century, and there’s a newer Renaissance-era building too. Head here for a moment of peace in its wooded grounds, which surround a tranquil pond.

Vianden Castle

Visit Vianden Castle to snap photos of this extraordinary, fairy-tale structure framed against the hillside. It’s best to discover this one with the help of an English audio guide, so you can get all the details on its colourful history.