This characterful capital may only cover a small area of the hilly landscape, but it’s a big enough city to be full of surprises.


With world-class museums sitting alongside fine dining destinations and scenic viewpoints.

Arriving at Luxembourg Airport 

Fly into Luxembourg from London City Airport and you'll land just moments from the financial and historic centres of the city. The views get dramatic as you come in to land as you should be able to see the gorges of the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers carving up the landscape. Keep an eye out, too, for the glimmers of glass and steel that represent modern Luxembourg, a centre of finance and the home of several European institutions.

The airport is just east of the city centre and offers easy access to the capital’s key areas. Buses run regularly from outside the arrivals area and stop in the heart of the city, although it’s even quicker to hop in one of the taxis waiting outside for door-to-door service.

If you’re planning on staying in Luxembourg for a longer spell, or you want to explore outside the city, then consider hiring a car. Book a car in advance with London City Airport and head into the country.

Festivals and events

Luxembourg is a city that loves to celebrate, with annual events of every flavour that showcase the many different sides of the city. The Night of the Cathedrals and the Museum Festival, for instance, both take place in May and celebrate some of the capital’s finest attractions. And there’s much more to look forward to throughout the year.

Music festivals

In summer, the city comes to life with the strains of live music. The Fête de la Musique in June, Festival MeYouZik and Blues’n Jazz Rallye in July all use open-air venues to host an international selection of musicians.

Business events

Many of Luxembourg’s events are business-minded. Every March, the Springbreak Luxembourg event draws in delegates from around the world, each looking to exhibit products in areas such as gardening, electrical appliances and kitchens. The autumn equivalent, the Home and Living Expo, takes place in October, with companies coming to show off their building and renovation products.

Christmas markets

December is a great time to visit, as Luxembourg comes to life with Christmas markets that bring a typical mix of cute stalls selling baked goods, handicrafts and mulled wine by the gallon.