This characterful capital may only cover a small area of the hilly landscape, but it’s a big enough city to be full of surprises.


With world-class museums sitting alongside fine dining destinations and scenic viewpoints.

Arriving at Luxembourg Airport 

Fly into Luxembourg from London City Airport and you'll land just moments from the financial and historic centres of the city. The views get dramatic as you come in to land as you should be able to see the gorges of the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers carving up the landscape. Keep an eye out, too, for the glimmers of glass and steel that represent modern Luxembourg, a centre of finance and the home of several European institutions.

The airport is just east of the city centre and offers easy access to the capital’s key areas. Buses run regularly from outside the arrivals area and stop in the heart of the city, although it’s even quicker to hop in one of the taxis waiting outside for door-to-door service.

If you’re planning on staying in Luxembourg for a longer spell, or you want to explore outside the city, then consider hiring a car. Book a car in advance with London City Airport and head into the country.


Luxembourg City is the hub of the small country’s nightlife scene, with a varied selection of clubs and bars to help you pass the evening however you like. Historic Grund is lined with characterful pubs that are frequented by young professionals relaxing after a day’s work, while nearby Clausen is known for its quality beers.

One thing you’ll notice when spending a night mingling with the locals is that most of the nightclubs and bars you visit are beautifully designed; there aren’t many characterless warehouses. Instead, you’re more likely to find smaller, more intimate venues with a bit of flair. Contemporary art lines the walls, cocktail menus come with new ideas and the international DJs invited to the city don’t just play the big hits. If you aren’t a dancer, many of the clubs come with relaxed lounge areas, too.

One of the great benefits of going out at night in Luxembourg City is that there’s a night bus service that connects all the hotspots. Explore the city without having to worry about parking or designated drivers. You can go straight from a classical music concert in the Philharmonie Luxembourg to a club serving local craft beers.