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This characterful capital may only cover a small area of the hilly landscape, but it’s a big enough city to be full of surprises.

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With world-class museums sitting alongside fine dining destinations and scenic viewpoints.

Flying to Luxembourg

Much like the entire country, and its namesake capital city, the watchword at Luxembourg's airport is 'small but perfectly formed'. And that makes flying from London City Airport to Luxembourg the ideal way to get from one centre of finance to another with minimal hassle. Travel from LCY and you'll find a range of departure times for flights to Luxembourg – so whether you need to land in time for a morning meeting and return home the same day, or you're planning to enjoy a weekend in this underrated capital, the LCY–Luxembourg route makes a convenient journey.

Flying from London City Airport to Luxembourg: Q&A

Take a look at the answers to some of the most common questions about flights from London City Airport to Luxembourg below. Here you’ll find out everything you need to know before you travel.

How long is the flight from London to Luxembourg?

The flight from London City Airport to Luxembourg takes just over an hour. Most direct flights on this route are around 1 hour 10 minutes long. The financial and business districts are mere moments away from Luxembourg airport, meaning you can take a quick taxi ride or hop on a shuttle bus and get where you need to go in minutes rather than hours.

How many flights a week are there from London City Airport to Luxembourg?

As Luxembourg is such an important business hub, there are as many as seven direct flights to Luxembourg from London City Airport each weekday. Over the weekend you can catch a Saturday flight out either in the morning or early afternoon, and coming home on Sunday gives you the choice of an early start or a journey later in the afternoon.

What airlines fly most frequently between London City Airport and Luxembourg?

If you’re flying directly from London City Airport to Luxembourg, you’ll most likely be flying with Luxair, the country’s flag carrier. Both economy and business class tickets are available on Luxair flights from London to Luxembourg. You might find other options for the route, but these will be indirect and can add significant time onto your journey.

Practical information about flying from London to Luxembourg

You’ll need your passport to enter Luxembourg, so make sure you remember to pack it along with all your other essentials. Both London City Airport and Luxembourg Airport are central to their respective cities, so travelling onwards is simple and quick. If you’re choosing to only take hand-luggage, be sure to pack your liquids in clear 100ml bottles to save time at the airport.

What to expect in Luxembourg

The city of Luxembourg is a stylish combination of old-world charm and modern glamour. There are plenty of luxury bars and fine dining restaurants to tempt you, so whether you’re looking for high tea or Michelin-starred decadence, you’ll find it here. It’s not all urban work and play though. Head to the hills and you’ll find beautiful landscapes packed with winding rivers fed by glaciers, sharp-cut mountains and forests perfect for walking and mountain biking in. If that’s a little too energetic for you, renting a car will have you enjoying the fresh country air in under an hour. Take a look at the rest of our essential guide to Luxembourg for more inspiration.