Italy’s financial heart and the home of the national stock exchange is also a global fashion capital...


... and the place where you’ll find Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, one of the world’s greatest cathedrals and many of its finest art collections. And then there’s football, making Milan a contender for the most multi-talented of modern cities.

Food and drink

Milan’s culinary traditions are far earthier than you might expect, and Lombardy’s fine larder proves a source of inspiration for even the most radical of local chefs.

Traditional trattorias

The city that gave the world hearty delights such as ossobuco, mondeghili and cassoeula stays truest to its roots in traditional trattorias that have been serving classic dishes paired with the region’s excellent wine for generations. Try the Brera quarter, just north of La Scala, for the most authentic local restaurants (tables packed with cheerful Milanese are always a good sign).


Aperitivo in Milan should never be confused with Happy Hour. Both take place after work, but that’s where the similarity ends. Aperitivo is the civilised custom of meeting friends around 6pm and sharing drinks and fresh, delicious tapas-style snacks until about 8pm.

City bars vie with each other to create the most irresistible spreads, and every Milanese has a favourite aperitivo haunt. The most innovative bars are often found canal-side in Navigli, which also happens to be a great district to taste intriguing cocktails created by Milan’s famously skilled mixologists.