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The bustling home of Oktoberfest, Munich has an eclectic mix of medieval and postmodern architecture. Many of the landmarks in Munich display a proud royal heritage, as well as a sporting pedigree that can be rivalled by only a few other cities. When you fly to the capital of Bavaria and Germany's third-largest city, you'll experience a cultural and economic powerhouse like no other.

Food and drink


Soft and fluffy but with a crusty exterior, Munich's freshly baked pretzels are ever-present at bakeries, markets, and beer halls. These huge, salty treats date back centuries and are often served with a white sausage accompaniment.

Bavarian beer

Munich is home to six major breweries, each of which is charged with upholding one of Bavaria's most famous traditions. Local beer comes in many different forms, from light, hoppy pilsner to malty dunkel and yeasty weissbier. Munich's signature brew is helles, a pale, mild style of lager popular with session drinkers and more recently popularised at home by Camden Town Brewery. Tankards at the ready.

Meat and vegetables

Bavaria's cool climate and rural conditions meant that, for centuries, the regional diet was heavily reliant upon meat and winter vegetables. When you're eating out in Munich, expect knuckles, chops and wurst on the menu, typically served with potato dumplings or sauerkraut. If you’re vegetarian, you’ll find slim pickings in traditional restaurants, but the city has a decent, youthful veggie and vegan dining scene.

Food markets

Munich's historic Viktualienmarkt in the city centre has evolved from a farmers' market to become the destination for keen cooks. The traditional Elisabethmarkt focuses on the staples of meat, cheese, and beer, which are on sale across 24 street pavilions in Schwabing.