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Discover Santorini

This tiny Greek island is famous for one of the most beautiful views on earth.

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Add in jumbled cliffside villages full of traditional blue and white architecture, dramatic black and red sand beaches, craggy cliffs and its own volcano, and it becomes clear that Santorini is an island unlike any other.

Festivals and events

For those looking to experience some local events, Santorini hosts a few different festivals throughout the year. Each celebrating different cultural features of Santorini, visitors to the island will experience a little bit of history within each event.

Megaron Gyzi Festival

It’s hard to miss the three-week festival at the beginning of August, held at Fira's Gyzi Cultural Centre. A historically rich location in itself, the Fira-town district plays host to a wide array of cultural events, from theatrical performances to music concerts that often feature famous Greek and international musicians. As you explore the stunning settings, you’ll find art exhibitions showcasing Fira’s finest paintings, engravings, and sculptures that embody the cultural heritage Fira has become known for over the past 40 years that the festival has been running.

International Music Festival of Santorini Island

If you’re looking for evenings filled with music from some of the best performers from around the world, International Music Festival of Santorini is the place for you! Covering a wide range of genres, from classical to tango, the three week festival has been running since 1979, each year inviting world famous musicians to share their music with visitors to the event. You’ll be able to watch everything from solo recitals, duets, orchestral performances, and operatic music - with so much to see and do at the event, there’s definitely something for everyone!

Ifestia Festival

Celebrating the island’s volcano every September, the Ifestia Festival lights up the night’s sky with a stunning firework display set off from inside the inactive volcano. Complete with lighting and sound effects, the display reenacts the eruption and consequent lava flow of the volcano in an event that can be seen from various points across the island. Whether you watch it from your hotel window, or take a cruise out on the sea, it truly is a spectacular even to behold.