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Discover Santorini

This tiny Greek island is famous for one of the most beautiful views on earth.

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Add in jumbled cliffside villages full of traditional blue and white architecture, dramatic black and red sand beaches, craggy cliffs and its own volcano, and it becomes clear that Santorini is an island unlike any other.

Arriving at Santorini Airport

Coming in to land on Santorini is an experience in itself, as the island (and the airport) feel impossibly small on approach. The airport is the only one on the island and also serves as a base for military aircraft. It's small and basic; you won't find coffee shops and duty-free at this little island hub, although limited arrivals mean that you should move through the airport pretty swiftly.

Many hotels on the island offer an airport collection service, which may be the easiest option. There will usually be some local taxis waiting outside, but these can quickly disappear when faced with a plane-full of new arrivals. There's also a bus service going to the island's capital, Fira (20 minutes away). While this is a super-cheap option at just €2 a ticket, there are only three to four departures per day, and the buses can be very crowded – often with standing room only.

Your other option is to hire a car, although you'll need to be a confident driver to cope with the winding island roads, crowded driving conditions (especially in Fira), and the local drivers who may take a less cautious approach than you're likely to.