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Skiathos packs a whopping 50 beaches into just seven by four miles, alongside everything you want from a Greek island.

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Surrounded by the sparkling Aegean Sea, it is the smallest of the inhabited Sporades, boasting an historic harbour town, fantastic seafood and natural beauty. luggage — you could actually walk from the airport to Skiathos Town easily.

Festivals and events

Katsonia Festival

Taking place on 6 September annually, the Katsonia Feast honours the Katsonis submarine and its crew, sunk during World War II off Skiathos. Festivities involve a huge public feast, a religious mass, the throwing of wreaths into the Aegean Sea and a ceremonial sinking of a small boat.

Agios Georgios

On 23 April the island celebrates the feast of St George with horse races, a feast and traditional dancing.

Bourtzi Festival

The old fortress hosts various cultural events, including theatre, exhibitions and concerts, throughout the year.