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Discover Skiathos

Skiathos packs a whopping 50 beaches into just seven by four miles, alongside everything you want from a Greek island.

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Surrounded by the sparkling Aegean Sea, it is the smallest of the inhabited Sporades, boasting a historic harbour town, fantastic seafood and natural beauty. And you could actually walk from the airport to Skiathos Town easily.

Food and drink

Skiathos has a wealth of foodie options that reflect its history. The influence of the Turks and the Italians can be felt in its tavernas, but traditional Greek fare is the main event.


Among the fast food joints in the old port you can find seafront tavernas selling barbecued fish and seafood straight from the sea. Find a good one and you fan feast on charred octopus and butter-covered prawns washed down with retsina.

The better tavernas are in the upper reaches of the Old Town, around the churches of Tris Ierarhes and Agia Triada.

Expect sizzling souvlaki, barbecued beef and traditional moussaka, appetisers of grilled feta, fava-bean dip, lamb kleftiko and taramasalata with pita bread.

Avoid the restaurants with over-keen touts trying to lure you in – guaranteed tourist traps.

The Venetian influence is evident, with a wealth of pizza and pasta places. If you get tired of skewered meat and mezze then you can find handmade tagliatelle, thin and crisp pizzas and risotto that mama would be proud of.


Cafes are fairly basic and sell strong filter coffee with a selection of sweet treats, usually pastries, cakes and ice cream.

Bakeries are better; try the spanakopita, a filo pastry pie stuffed with spinach and feta.