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Lithuania’s lively capital wears its heart on its sleeve.

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Vilnius takes great pride its cultural and architectural heritage, interspersing its majestic towers, spires and domes with attractive green spaces and grand public squares. Yet its battle scars aren't hidden – prominent museums, memorials and Soviet-era concrete relics serve as thought-provoking reminders of past struggles. These significant landmarks will leave a lasting impression from what is sure to be a culturally rich holiday.


Going out

Vilnius has a thriving nightlife scene, with the Old Town cobbles lined with busy yet friendly and relaxed bars and restaurants. The trendiest locations excepted, you can expect to enjoy superb value for money on a night out. The lively Vilniaus Street is an obvious starting point, while bohemian Uzupis is also worth a visit.

Equally active at night is the Vokieciu-Islandijos street, where the packed bars and cheery outdoor terraces give way to an eclectic mix of nightclubs after-hours. The most popular evenings are Thursday to Saturday, when the action starts early and continues long after midnight.

Art and culture

For something a little more refined, attend a performance at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, which delivers a programme of predominantly Russian and native-language works, or the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, which is notable for its 'Feast of Muses' sculptured façade.