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This spirited Scottish city gives you the best of all worlds, offering a wealth of cultural, creative and culinary experiences for all.

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Dundee is rapidly becoming a hub for culture and innovation with a huge redevelopment that has seen the likes of V&A Dundee finding a home there. It can offer the best of a city break and a weekend getaway to the great outdoors, all rolled into one!

*Image used: VisitScotland/Kenny Lam.

Food and Drink

The namesake cake

What could be more appropriate to try on your visit that the local delicacy of Dundee cake. Dating back to the 19th century, this fruit cake is full of currants, sultanas, almonds, and sometimes orange peel, is a favourite of both children and adults alike. Whilst it’s generally mass-produced cake by the marmalade company Keiller's marmalade, it is available in many places to eat in Dundee, including shops, bakeries and coffee shops throughout the city. Grab some tea, grab some cake, and put your feet up when on your next trip to Dundee!

Bottoms up!

If you’re looking for a place to get a pint, but maybe with a more local twist, try 71 Brewery on Bellfield Street. Situated in a renovated ironworks tower, this relatively new brewery has lit the fire under the brewing industry in Dundee after its absence in the past 50 years and should be at the top of your list of places to drink on your trip. Creating an impressive array of local beers, 71 Brewing aims to create innovative flavours, while still bringing in those familiar tastes we all know and love.

For those interested in the industry, you can take a tour around their facility (there’s even a free drink included!) or hire out the brewery taproom for larger events. If you’d like to try it in the comfort of your home, you can buy their beers, but be warned, their bottle designs are so striking you’ll never want to throw them away!


Whilst shopping in your local supermarket, we’ve no doubt you’ve seen one of Dundee’s most well known products - Mackays Marmalade. Founded in 1938, this marmalade company is a family run business, using traditional methods with steam heated copper pans to produce this high quality product. Since then, they’ve also branched out from the traditional marmalade, offering other fruits such as grapefruit and lemon, but also adding a dash of whisky and champagne here or there. Now there’s no reason not to have a little tipple at breakfast!

The Larder

Dundee has its own food guide in the form of a monthly magazine. Check it out here to find out what’s hot in the when it comes to finding places to eat and drink in Dundee so you can make the most of your next visit!