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With stunning shorelines and beautiful countryside, this little island is the perfect outdoor getaway.

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Whether you're kayaking around the coastline or watching the sun go down in a local pub, Guernsey is a truly relaxing place to escape from everyday life.


24 hours

If you’re only stopping by the island for a day, you can easily experience a little bit of everything that Guernsey has to offer.

Start your day with one of Guernsey’s 20 walking routes, each taking you around different attractions based on what your interests may be. History, nature, fairy tales, or literature, there’s a route for everyone!

After that, stop off in the Candie Garden coffee shop, Café Victoria, for a mid-morning snack of tea and cake, before exploring the stunning gardens themselves. Take a gentle stroll around the carefully curated grounds of this award-winning restored Victorian Garden, keeping an eye out for the oldest known heated green-houses in the British Isle and commemorative statue of author Victor Hugo.

Stop off for a tasty lunch in one of Guernsey’s many pubs or restaurants and fuel up for an afternoon of adventuring through Cornet Castle. This 800-year-old castle is located on Cornet Rock or Castle Rock, a formal tidal island, and has played a significant role in Guernsey’s military history. It’s now open to the public and contains 5 museums, a coffee shop with sea views, guided tours, and even the firing of the noon-day gun.

As the evening arrives, head to one of Guernsey’s stunning beaches for a relaxing wander over its white sands or to bathe in the evening sun. Finish off your day with a delicious meal watching the sun go down over the coastline in one of the island’s sea-view restaurants.


What better way to get to know somewhere than just exploring! Head over to St. Peter Port to wander its historic streets and beautiful harbour and experience the charm of Guernsey’s capital.

After some lunch in one of the town’s many coffee shops and restaurants, there’s no end of history to uncover around the area. While it may not look very big, Cornet Castle can easily fill your whole afternoon as you explore its castle walls. From 1206 and 1256 the castle was fortified and has since seen hundreds of years worth of military battles right up until the end of World War 2 when the crown gifted the island to the people of Guernsey to recognise their loyalty throughout both world wars. Now visitors can roam the castle grounds, which include 5 museums, beautifully restored and curated gardens, guided tours, and the firing of the noon-day gun. Whether you’re interested in history or not, Cornet Castle makes a great afternoon for anyone.

Wind down in the evening by watching the sunset over the stunning coastline at a sea-front restaurant, such as the Cobo Hotel Beach Terrace. If you’re still looking to experience more of Guernsey’s nightlife after your delicious meal, you can head to a variety of bars, from sleek cocktail bars to local pubs offering live music.

For your second day, explore more of the island with a walking tour so you can discover even more of Guernsey’s essential sights. The 20 suggested routes vary in length and difficulty, so you can find the perfect walk, as well as being able to choose from a variety of topics, such as history, beaches, myth, and culture. At each point of the route, it’s worth stopping off and exploring the area. Candie Gardens is a popular stopping place as you wander through the award-winning Victorian gardens and grab a bite to eat at its pretty coffee shop. Discover more of Guernsey’s past at a variety of historical sites and landmarks, from wars to cultural events. Learn more about the famous Les Misérables author, Victor Hugo, who lived in exile on the island for 15 years and whose work still lives on in many parts of Guernsey.

In the afternoon, head to one of Guernsey’s stunning beaches to discover new sea-bound activities. Go Guernsey Land & Sea and Outdoor Guernsey both offer activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, climbing, abseiling, and even puffin & seal patrols. Whether you’re a beginning or an expert, this range of activities will get you acquainted with Guernsey’s beautiful shoreline in no time. If this all sounds a bit exhausting to you, why not sunbathe on the soft white sands with ice cream and a good book in hand!

Finish off your day with some fish and chips on the beach, the perfect way to end your holiday on this beautiful island!


Day 1

Get to know Guernsey’s capital, the harbour town of St. Peter Port. Wandering the town’s cobbled streets you’ll instantly see how much history there is to absorb from its beautiful buildings to the museums dotted around. Head to the Market Square to grab a bite to eat in a coffee shop or restaurant, before heading into the Market Building where you’ll find an art gallery and other information about Guernsey. After some time browsing in the local shops, end the day with a meal overlooking the harbour.

Day 2

Explore further afield with one of Tasty Walk’s walking routes around the island. With 20 routes to choose from, you’ll be taken to key attractions as well as some hidden gems. Each walk is themed around different topics such as history, culture, and nature, with different difficulties and times, so there really is a walk for everyone. If you’d rather cover more ground, why not hire out a bike from Go Guernsey bike hire and take on one of Guernsey’s cycling routes which will guide you around different parts of the island. Again, each route is themed with different distances and difficulties, so you can find the perfect day out.

Day 3

Cornet Castle is a must on your visit to Guernsey. Deceivingly small, this fortification from the 1200s resides on Cornet or Castle rock, a formal tidal island, and is home to five museums, cafes, and gift shops. Spend the day exploring all of the castle's hidden nooks and learn about what has happened within the walls for the past 800 years. From a family home to a World War 2 prison, the castle has a lot of stories to tell its visitors. You can also go on a guided tour of the castle to learn more from the resident experts. Don’t forget to stick around for midday when you can see (and hear!) the firing of the noon-day gun.

Day 4

Wander through the lovingly restored Candie Gardens and discover all of the little secrets it holds. The award-winning Victorian garden is home to the oldest known heated green-houses in the British Isle dating back to the 18th century and fish ponds, green lawns, and plants from around the world. Not only that, but within the grounds is the Priaulx Library which holds a wealth of knowledge about the history of Guernsey, including books, maps, and other documents. Search for the statue of the famous author, Victor Hugo, which was presented to the island in 1914 by France to thank them for their generosity towards him during his exile there.

Guernsey Museum & Art Gallery is also located within the gardens, which exhibits both permanent and temporary collections so is an ever-changing attraction. After a day full of culture, Café Victoria is ready and waiting for a cup of tea and cake in these beautiful gardens.

Day 5 & 6

One activity not to be missed out on is a day (or two) at Guernsey’s stunning beaches. Walk along its shingled shores or dive into the clear blue waters, you’ll never have a boring day at the beach and we highly recommend visiting a few during your holiday.

As well as sunbathing and gentle strolls across the white sands, there are lots of water-based activities on offer to visitors. Kayaking, paddleboarding, coasteering, and even SUP yoga, are all available through Go Guernsey Land & Sea and Outdoor Guernsey. If you want to spot local wildlife while on the water, puffin and seal patrol tours are available for adventurous kayakers! Some of the beaches are also great for snorkelling and diving if you want to discover a whole new side of Guernsey.

If you’ve made enough of a splash on the beach, why not try out some land-based activities such as archery, bushcraft, or climbing & abseiling. Just don’t forget to head back to the beach with some fish & chips at the end of an activity-filled day!

Day 7

Author Victor Hugo lived in exile on Guernsey for 15 years, during which time he wrote some of his most memorable pieces of work, including Les Misérables. Throughout the island, you’ll see glimpses of his life and dedications to him, but the most prominent being Hauteville House where he resided. The house was designed and built by Hugo and is often considered a masterpiece in itself. Tickets are £10 per adult and the beautiful gardens surrounding it are completely free for you to explore.

Why not end your final day doing a bit of last-minute sightseeing of any other hidden gems, or just take it easy with a stroll through the shops to buy yourself a souvenir and a delicious ice cream.