Isle of Man

Think of the Isle of Man and you might think motorsport and financial institutions.


But take a trip here and there's a lot more to discover – an island of breathtakingly diverse natural beauty, where historic sights blend into the landscape and you can get a genuinely wild outdoor experience.

Arriving at Isle of Man Airport

Isle of Man Airport, also known as Ronaldsway, is the island's only airport, situated in the south of the island, close to Castletown. Look out the window as you come in to land and you’ll get a sense of the island’s layout. Windswept peninsulas, craggy coastline and small villages shape the landscape of the island, which sits in the middle of the Irish Sea.

Once you land you can expect to be on the road swiftly; the airport is small and progress through it is usually quick. You'll find car hire pickup areas straight after baggage collection, and there are fixed-tariff taxis in a rank directly outside the main entrance. Douglas, the island's capital, is about 20 minutes away by car.

Public transport connections at the airport are equally convenient. There’s no separate airport service; you just need to hop on one of the island’s buses, which stop in the drop-off area. They run regularly from Monday to Saturday, with limited service on Sundays. Buses head north to Douglas, south to Port Erin and west to Peel, making most of the island accessible from the airport.

Food and drink

Seafood Seafood tends to feature heavily among the local delicacies of most islands, and the Isle of Man is no different. Restaurants across the island serve the prized dish of Manx queenies, scallops harvested from the island's own shores. You can find them served in their shells or as part of stews and pies. Giving them a try is almost compulsory.

The Manx are equally proud of their smoked kippers. Visit Peel and you won't miss the huge smoking tower where these pungent, flavoursome fish are prepared.

Craft beers Wander down to North Quay in Douglas and you'll find the flagship pub of Hooded Ram, an increasingly popular local brewery that creates a range of delicious beers. The brewery is a short walk away and tours are available. Head into any pub and you'll also find other Manx ales on tap.

Local produce Stop by any supermarket on the Isle of Man to pick up locally produced milk, cheeses, bread and more. Stop by local creameries, visit celebrated ice cream parlours in Douglas and Peel and pick up joints of Loaghtan lamb, from the island's own four-horned breed of sheep.