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Discover New York

Skyscrapers dwarf the avenues below, and the sidewalks thrum with life day and night.


The clichés about New York are true – but that's just the surface. Alongside the iconic buildings, the city’s neighbourhoods are home to people and influences from around the globe; it's the diversity in everything that makes the Big Apple so uniquely exciting.


'The city that never sleeps' isn't just an empty title. Even the subway runs 24/7 to cater for the early-morning mass exits from the coolest bars, clubs and lounges in the country. Nightlife trends change quickly in New York, but swanky cocktail bars, Art Deco spaces, retro décor and tiki lounges have pretty enduring appeal.

Classic haunts such as sophisticated hotel bars, timeless taverns and fun dives remain a staple on the city’s nightlife scene. Try a rooftop bar for staggering views across the Manhattan skyline.

The live music scene is among the best in the world, and the diversity of venues reflects the range of artists, from big names to up-and-coming bands. Everything from hip hop to punk, jazz and pop is on offer. Dance clubs are a major feature on the after-dark New York scene. Whether it’s house or 80s classics that get your feet moving, you'll find them.

Broadway steals the limelight when it comes to theatre in New York, but there are classical music concerts, dance, ballet, opera and comedy in venues all over the city too.