One of Europe's truly timeless cities, home to the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Notre-Dame – not to mention fantastic food...


... cutting-edge fashion and beautiful architecture – Paris needs no introduction. Easily accessible from London, it’s our nearest biggest-hitting neighbour, a real force in the fields of culture, art and cuisine.

Food and Drink

Cookery classes

Perhaps more than anything else, France is famous for and proud of its world-beating cuisine. While mastery of French cooking is a lifetime’s work, you can pick up a few tricks of the trade at one of the city’s many cookery schools, regardless of your level of expertise. Le Cordon Bleu is well-known as a training ground for world-class chefs, but amateurs are welcome too, with an extensive menu of workshops to choose from.

Essential Dishes

The list of Parisian delicacies is almost too long to count, but there are certain classics you must make sure you tick off during your stay here. The best way to begin a Parisian day is, of course, with a croissant, preferably baked fresh in one of the city’s famous boulangeries. For lunch, pop into a café for a quick jambon-beurre or croque monsieur, before filling up at dinner on steak-frites. Crêpes and macarons are also not to be missed.

Food Markets

Unsurprisingly in a city that loves its food this much, there are some fantastic food markets in Paris. The Marché Rue d’Aligre has a fantastic selection of French cheese, while the crêpe stalls of the Marché Bastille are a great place to pick up a quick lunch in between sightseeing.