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Colourful half-timbered buildings lean precariously over the cobbled streets in medieval Quimper, the heart of Brittany's Finistère region.

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Built at the confluence of the rivers Odet and Steïr, this delightful city features floral bridges, peaceful squares and a mighty Gothic cathedral. Through its museums, festivals, cuisine and customs, Quimper honours and preserves traditional Breton culture.

Flying to Quimper

Flights from London City Airport to Quimper put you in the heart of France’s beautiful Brittany region. Fly into Quimper and you’ll find yourself in the ideal spot for travelling north to the maritime city of Brest, east to historic Rennes and artistic Nantes, or for starting an epic road trip down France’s Atlantic coast. If you’re keen to explore this picturesque corner of France, a direct flight to Quimper is the easy way to put it all at your feet.

Flying from London City Airport to Quimper: Q&A

Want a few quick answers to the most-asked questions about flights from London City Airport to Quimper? Read on to find out the essentials about flying on the route.

How long is the flight from London to Quimper?

It takes 1 hour 15 minutes to fly from London City Airport to Quimper-Bretagne Airport (UIP). Quimper’s airport is around 20 minutes southwest of the city centre, and there are plenty of taxis outside the main terminal building to get you into town quickly. Hiring a car? You’ll also find car hire kiosks in the airport so you can make your own way to Quimper and beyond.

How many flights a week are there from London City Airport to Quimper?

There are four direct flights to Quimper each week from London City Airport. For a short break, flights leave London in the early afternoon on Thursdays and Fridays, and early in the morning on Saturdays. If you’re travelling on business, the Sunday afternoon flight will get you there with plenty of time to settle in before Monday morning.

What airlines fly most frequently between London City Airport and Quimper? Flying directly from London to Quimper will mean flying with British Airways. Currently British Airways is the only operator to offer a direct service between these two cities. If you see other fares available on the LCY–Quimper route, they’ll be for indirect flights.

Practical information about flying from London to Quimper

You’ll need your passport when flying to Quimper from London. Once you’re there, you’ll be one hour ahead, so set your watch if you wear one. As you travel around you might notice street signs in two languages here – that’s because they’re in the regional Breton language. However, if that gets you concerned about your language skills, don’t worry – Breton isn’t that widely spoken and you certainly won’t need it; just aim to make an effort with French.

What to expect in Quimper

Quimper’s old town is a tourist haven, with Gothic architecture lining the streets and a huge Gothic cathedral towering over the city. Despite its obvious historic charms, it’s a modern cultural centre. Here you’ll find museums filled with ancient Breton costumes and artefacts, as well as the Fine Arts Museum, which hosts European paintings and local folk art. It’s a busy city used to holidaymakers, so alongside authenticity and tradition you’ll find tourist-friendly creperies and local cider-makers. During the summer months there’s even a shuttle bus to take you to the beach.