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The Eternal City isn't just a throwaway title. Rome's nickname was coined 3,000 years ago, a testament to its genuinely universal appeal.

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The city has more A-list attractions than most countries, so there's no chance of getting bored on your next visit. But there's much to it than tourist hotspots – with so many places to eat, each serving a variation on some of Italy's most traditional dishes, you'll be so full that getting around Rome will be quite the challenge. We promise that the pasta alone is worth the trip though!


Rome is even more charming after dark, when many of the tourist crowds are tucked up in their hotel rooms, leaving just the night owls to roam the lamplit streets.

For chic little cocktail and wine bars, the area around the vast and beautiful Piazza Navona is a safe bet. The nearby Campo de' Fiori square has a more raucous vibe. For a more authentic, local experience, cross the river to bohemian Trastevere, which you'll find dotted with restaurants, bars and clubs offering a relaxed welcome.