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When many think of San Sebastian, they think of food due to the city's culinary creations that draws in foodies from around the world. But it has even more to offer than just delicious dishes, as it is a city steeped in culture, tradition, and beauty. Why not see for yourself?


Etxekalte Jazz Club

If you’re the type of person to night the away right into the early hours of the next day, then Etxekalte Jazz Club is the place for you. Chill on the top floor to enjoy a pub style setting, with professionally prepared cocktails and a generally arty vibe. But if you head downstairs, it’ll feel like you’ve entered a completely new venue. Dimly lit, famous international and local DJs fill the room with eclectic music, including house, funk, and electronica. The nightclub stays open till 5am so you can get lost in the buzzing atmosphere of Etxekalte.


To get a taste of everything, head to Doka, a space where you’ll find an array of cultural performances so varied it’ll be practically impossible for you not find something that’ll catch your eye. Set up by a group of friends, the aim of creating a hub to preserve local alternative culture which has resulted in one of the most dynamic, forward-thinking venues in San Sebastian. All types of performance art resides here, from theatre performances to heavy metal, turning from a family friendly venue, to a buzzing night club come evening. It’s open till 6am at the weekends, so it’s definitely worth checking out what they’ve got lined up to experience the best of Basque culture.

Pintxos bar hopping

A favourite past-time of locals and visitors to the city is bar-hopping, but rather than seeking out the best drinks, this version involves pintxos (though I’m sure there are drinks involved too!). The best place for this is Old Town with pintxo bars and stands on every corner, each offering a different style. True to most of the nightlife in San Sebastian, lots of the venues also have live music from local musicians to create a laid back atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a pintxos filled evening.


This impressive beach side building hosts large scale events, from business conferences to cultural events of all kinds. Made up of two cubes of translucent glass, Kursaal illuminates the shore at night and draws in people from all over the world. Whilst day to day conferences, meetings, and congresses from leading business professionals fill the rooms of Kursaal, in the evening it comes alive with cultural curiosities. Guest performances from touring dance groups, bands, and theatre troupes grace the stages of Kursaal, as well as larger festivals on the beach beside it.